Workplace Chronicles: When your Boss Say Sorry with Curry

Sometimes I wonder, despite all the crises and conflicts around the world, we, as humans all over the world have managed to unite as a whole regarding some small but significant aspects. Just think about some cuisines that are popular all over the world. For example, Indian cuisine dishes. I think in every corner of the world, this cuisine is recognized and appreciated. In a way, this gives me hope. That, no matter how divided and conflicted we are, good food unites us after all. I am no expert of “food diplomacy”, but I believe food is a rather great “peace offering”.

Workplace Thunderstorm & Delicious Peace Offering

The other day, our workplace when through a metaphorical thunderstorm. Our CEO probably had quite a hard time the night before and was very grumpy. The moment he walked in, we could sense something unpleasant. I am going to spare the excruciating details, but Dale, our CEO gave everyone a hard time with hurtful words in a series of meetings. Cutting us off when we tried to offer any explanation and was ranting out of a bottled up rage. He left in an hour. But that one hour felt like eternity to all of us. However, the heat started wearing off when Dale left.

Dale came back just before lunch, I could see some of my colleagues were holding their breath, hoping Dale is not going to ruin our lunch hour with more “feedbacks”. He went straight to the presentation room, with a building attendant on tow. He was carrying a huge, heavy bag.

Few minutes later we all were asked to go to the presentation room. Dale was there, he offered sincere apology for lashing out on us. He explained the tedious things he has been going through which has made life rather hard for him. So he has been acting a lot bitter these days. He offered us the lunch he brought from an Indian cuisine takeaway near his home. Apparently, he drove all the way to his neighborhood to get us Indian food! Well, a person who is ready to drive all the way back home to bring lunch for their subordinates after behaving badly, has some good soul inside him.

A Pat on the Back with Pathia!

Dale got us many kinds of Indian foods. Like Pathia, Dansak, Masala and Rajni, with a heap of Cheese and Garlic Nan, Stuffed Paratha and Mint Sauce. Well, if this happens after such “thunderstorms” at workplace, we will not mind. When I said that, Dale looked as if someone painted his face with tomato paste. Poor guy!

However, the food was really delicious. Dale said, he got the collection order from Merchant Spice, an Indian Cuisine Restaurant and takeaway service in Fairfield Road, Braintree. Boy! That was delicious!

Later that night, I browsed the website of that restaurant. The menu of Merchant Spice was rather impressive. It had many dishes that your Indian takeaways next door probably would not offer. The menu was diverse. From the lunch I have had earlier, it is very likely that other dishes by Merchant Spice are going to be delicious.

In case you are wondering, Merchant Spice does deliver orders. You can order your deliveries without much fuss from this takeaway. Merchant Spice serves in Cornish Hall End CM7, Finchingfield CM7, Great Bardfield CM7, Wethersfield CM7, Shalford CM7, Great Saling CM7, Felsted CM6, Cock Green CM6, Stisted CM77, Pattiswick CM77, Bradwell CM77, Cressing CM77, Black Notley CM77, Great Notley CM77, Rayne CM77 and Bartholomew Green CM77.

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