Why is Indian Cuisine Irresistable?

It is safe to say, we live surrounded by Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways. It is very likely to be so. Since, we are living in the age of curry appreciation. The question is, why do we appreciate curry so much?I believe the real food scientists have the accurate answer. But my lazy time internet surfing has bestowed me with some interesting findings.

Why Can’t We Resist the Desi Charm?

As they call it in many South Asian regions, “Desi” is the synonym of the word “native”. These dishes are indeed unlike any food/cuisine generally served in the west. Yes, definitely the famous aroma and taste (along with the colour) plays the main role. But who wrote their scripts, and made their roles so interesting?

According to the internet searches, that I spent a few hours on, the writer is an eccentric and rebel being, who does not believe in conventional expectations of flavour pairings.

Sounds too abstract for your taste? I am apologizing for the actor-scriptwriter analogy, but it was tempting.

However, it is not too far fetched, and let me get back to the point. Why the flavour profiling is so different in Indian cuisine from Western cuisines? Well, in case of Western cuisines, similar flavours are paired together. Which is considered “more conventional”. Whereas, in case of Indian cuisine, the flavour pairing is just the opposite. Generally, the flavours do not overlap. This contrast creates different and eccentric taste pattern, which becomes more alluring and exciting. That is why Indian food is so unique and attractive.

I don’t know if my analogy is right or wrong. But, I am quite sure, such uniqueness has made Indian food so dear to us. And that is why Indian cuisine restaurants are doing such great businesses, Like that one Indian cuisine takeaway in Amhurst Road N16 I order Indian food from.

Food On The Doorstep For Me (Hallelujah Brother!)

I just have to confess that, I needed inspiration to pen down this blog. My inspiration consisted of Chicken Tandoori Tikka, Chicken Tikka Kashmiri and Garlic Fried Rice.

Guess what? Bombay Mix delivered my order even before I could finish the blog! I am telling you, this Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway service in Amhurst Road N16 is incredible!

They serve in Leyton E10, Temple Mills E10, Hackney Marshes E10, Upper Clapton E10, Walthamstow Marshes E10, Aldgate E1, Bishopsgate E1, Whitechapel E1, Shoreditch E1, Spitalfields E1, Shadwell E1, Stepney E1, Mile End E1, Portsoken E1, Leytonstone E11, Wanstead E11, Aldersbrook E11, Snaresbrook E11, Cann Hall E11, Poplar E14, Isle of Dogs E14, Limehouse E14, Canary Wharf E14, Blackwall E14, Cubitt Town E14, Stratford E15, West Ham E15, Maryland E15, Leyton E15, Leytonstone E15, Temple Mills E15, Hackney Wick E15, Bow E15, Silvertown E16, North Woolwich E16, Canning Town E16, Custom House E16, London City Airport E16, Walthamstow E17 and Upper Walthamstow E17.

You can check the menu of Bombay Mix, they serve many interesting Indian dishes. For more ordering information, you can visit the website of Bombay Mix. However, I suggest you to try and have your own opinion, instead of trusting mine blindly. I am an avid fan of Bombay Mix and I might go on for hours talking about how great their cooking and service of Bombay Mix really is!

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