Why Do we LOVE Indian Food So Much!

Have you ever wondered why we like Indian food so much. My fanboy tongue had some explanations, but I don’t know if those are scientifically plausible. I guess ordering deliveries from Indian cuisine takeaways near my place (almost too often) has given me some insight, if not googling about the reasons for popularity of Indian food in the UK. I do that often when I am bored at work.

Indian Food: The Famous Rockstar Cuisine

Wait right there, and let me explain. Yes, it might seem like Indian food and rock n’ roll sounds polar opposite. Indian culture is represented by slow and soothing tunes and ladies dancing in long colourful skirts. You have every right to wonder how that can be juxtaposed to rock and roll.

Let me tell you how. Let’s say all the cuisines are high school students, and as it goes in most high school movies, some kids go by the book, the preppy front row students, like the European cuisines. You might ask how. The answer is, in most European cuisines, flavour of the ingredients tend to blend with each other, or similar in taste. If we go back to that high school analogy, the Indian cuisine is the punk rockstar of back row, with piercings and dyed hair. Since this cuisine defies the rules of flavours (or whatever they call it). In Indian food, the ingredients of contrasting flavours are combined together. This cacophony of flavours have made Indian food unique, popular and eventually famous.

See, I told you, Indian food is the rebel rockstar that everyone eventually loves and is intrigued by.

Knock Knock: Curry on the Doorstep!

Does my blabbering make any sense to you? It does not matter much to me what others think of my opinion, I am just too happy to indulge myself in my favourite cuisine.

There is no wonder, why there are so many Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways are all over the UK. This has become a very successful business industry and therefore more investment and employment are flourishing this sector as well as our overall economy.

I am too small of a man to brag about the Indian restaurants’ contribution to the economy. All I can say is, the Indian cuisine takeaway that delivers to my neighborhood of Dundry BS41, is incredible.

Deliver Express, the Indian cuisine takeaway I am talking about is incredible in many ways. They deliver direct to the doorstep. The packaging is on fleek and I don’t even want to get started about the taste. It will take me a whole day to gush about the incredible food Deliver Express offers. You can take a look at the online menu of Deliver Express. You will know what I was talking about.

If you are curious, Deliver Express serves in Regil BS40, Dundry BS41, Potters Hill DE4. I would recommend it for you to try, and you will know what I am talking about!

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