Trying Chicken Ceylon in Summer was a Good Idea

chicken Ceylon

What do you do when you like the whole spectrum of Indian cuisine dishes from sweeter and creamier Korma to really spicy and hot Chicken Tikka Naga? Well then summer becomes a challenge for you at least.Making Chicken Ceylon at Home: A New Experience

Chicken Ceylon is one of the Indian cuisine dishes that has the best of both worlds. It has the fruity essence of coconut and lime, at the same time it is laced with hot Indian spices. To me it is a total win-win game. And that is why I prefer Chicken Ceylon more than the “more popular” Indian cuisine dishes available in most Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in the UK.

Often I think there are not enough Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways that offer dishes that are beyond “very popular”. I haven’t found Chicken Ceylon in the nearby Indian cuisine takeaways in the previous neighborhood. However, now there is a great Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway near me in Boundary Road, Hove BN3, which serves in my area. And they have Chicken Ceylon in their menu. You might think it sounds weird, but that was a rather warm welcome for me from the neighborhood.

Gone are my days pacing up and down in kitchen, chopping and grinding Indian herbs and spices (not that I mind, but honestly, the whole things takes up a lot of work and I could use more time in weekends for relaxing, my weekdays are quite hectic). Now I relax or go out for a walk or spend some time tending my plants during weekends. Because I get to order sumptuous Indian cuisine dishes (especially Chicken Ceylon) on weekends from one Indian Takeaway.

But back in previous neighborhood things were different. I had to walk all the way to make my own Chicken Ceylon dishes. I had to cut the chicken into pieces, roast and grind dried chillies, coriander seeds, cumin seeds and dried turmeric. Sort out fennel and mustard seeds, curry leaves, slice gingers, chop onions and cut garlics into cloves.

And of course rubbing turmeric, salt and vinegar on chicken pieces was so much fun (if you don’t read it with sarcasm dripping from it all over the places, you are lucky). I roasted the curry leaves and the seeds in a dry pan, then I would add oil in the pan (you need to be careful while doing this) and fried the onion, ginger and garlic in it. Then the chicken pieces would go in the mix and I would cover the pan with lid, unless of course I decided to stir it once in a while.

Of course, when I would not be stirring the ingredients in that pan, I was mixing coconut milk, green chillis and the ground spices in a mixing bowl. Then I added this mix to the bowl after some time and cooked until the chicken was tender. And later, I added some more coconut milk and cooked till I thought it was done.

Well, if you are hoping for cooking Chicken Ceylon all by yourself, I will suggest you to find real recipes from recipe sites or tutorials. However, Chicken Ceylon tastes best with Cheese Nan breads. I suggest you to try that.

Tikka Indian: Restaurant That Serves My Favorite Meals

Tikka Indian Restaurant and Takeaway is the one I have been talking about. This Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway service has saved my misery of cooking mediocre Chicken Ceylon and offers really tasty serving of Chicken Ceylon for a reasonable price.

If you see the menu of Tikka Indian Restaurant and Takeaway, you will find how incredible it is. They serve both the popular Indian foods in Britain along with the “less known” Indian dishes. To be honest, my friends have become a fan of Tikka Indian for their tasteful cooking. Tikka Indian serves in Hangleton BN3, Bevendean BN2 4RA, Kemptown BN2, Moulsecoomb BN2, Ovingdean BN2, Rottingdean, Saltdean BN2, Woodingdean BN2 and Fishersgate BN41, in case you are interested.

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