Tasting the Indian Tradition: Karahi Gosht

Indian dishes are always fun to eat. And sometimes they are fun to cook as well. But for me, Indian food has become an inspiration to sharpen my cooking skills.Saturday Adventures: Trying to Prepare Karahi Gosht at Home

It’s been a while since I tried Karahi Gosht for the first time. My friends ordered it when we were dining in an Indian cuisine restaurant. The dish looked really interesting, being served on a little walk, garnished with green Indian herbs and spices and fresh green chillies. I must admit, I fell in love with the dish since that day. I love every single thing about it. The consistency, the taste and also how it looks.

I liked it so much that I have attempted to make it several times at my home, going through tutorials and recipe websites night after night. And I can honestly say my cooking got “better” than before. But it is still questionable and not quite like what I taste in the Karahi Gosht in Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways.

However, I like to share my adventures with others. I will be happy to let you know how I prepared Karahi Gosht the last time.

So, before the day of “actual cooking”, I added the pieces of meat in a mixing bowl and added a paste of garlic and ginger to it. Twelve hours later, I heated oil in the deep saucepan and fried the meat pieces. Then I added sliced tomatoes and cooked for a while. My problem is, I always either overdo or undercook the tomatoes. Then I added onions and chilli powder to it and cooked for a couple of minutes. The first few attempts taught me that it is okay to season this preparation with some salt at this step. Then I covered this tomato-lamb preparation and left it to simmer for a while in low heat.

Then I scooped some Greek yogurt in a small mixing bowl and added some seedy spices I ground before (coriander, cumin, black pepper, and turmeric – the non-seedy one) and mixed those evenly. Then I added this mix to the saucepan and stirred the whole preparation. Last time I managed not to break the yogurt for the first time! I left the lid half open this time and cooked the meat for 55 minutes maybe (I think I should have turned the heat off earlier) because the meat stuck to the bottom of the pan. And after finally turning the heat off, I sprinkled some “hot spices” as they call it in those places that sell curry spices along and garnished it with some mint leaves and ginger.

To be honest, Karahi Gosht tastes really good with Naan bread. Either Plain Naan, Cheese Naan, and Coriander Naan – you name it.

Karahi Gosht Takeaway: Adventures don’t necessarily satisfy taste buds!

My feeble attempts of Karahi Gosht is sharpening my cooking skills- no doubt about that. But let’s be honest, it does not make my tummy happy. I need good and yummy Karahi Gosht to make my weekends happy. And that is why I order takeaway from an Indian cuisine takeaway near my place, located in Wesley Street Ossett, West Yorkshire WF5. It is called Star of India. I like the menu of Star of India very much as they offer every Indian cuisine dish I love (of course along with Karahi Gosht and Naan bread).

So, if you are also an Indian cuisine dishes fan like me and could use some yummy Indian food for dinner, you can order online from the website of Star of India. They serve in Kirkhamgate WF2, Dewsbury WF12, Horbury WF4, Flushdyke WF5, Middletown WF4, Overton WF4 and Netherton WF4.

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