Taste of home away in Cambridge: A College Student’s Story

Chicken Tikka
Chicken Tikka

Indian cuisine dishes have become a part of our culture now. In a way, we now cherish the spicy taste of the colorful dishes, emanating mouth-watering aroma. And it often does not end in the main course. The Indian desserts are also quite incredible. Kulfi Malai, Rusgulla or Jalebi; the sweetness, in the end, marks a happy ending of a journey, that being with appetizing starters like Papadum and Chutney and then the blissful and tasty main courses, followed by the aforementioned delightful desserts. That is why Indian cuisine dishes are famous around the globe. Hence, it is very likely to be famous in the UK, as this is quite a cosmopolitan culture.

Indian Cuisine and My Childhood

I grew up loving Indian cuisine, thanks to the next door neighbors of ours back in the house I grew up. The family next door to us were Indians from Kashmir region. They were really friendly (and had really great taste). They were newlyweds when they came to live in that house, so they adored me very much and would babysit me in their free time when my parents went out.

And on some weekends, my parents would invite them for dinner and sometimes we would get invited by them. Thanks to these meals, my parents learned cooking Indian, in the more authentic way. However, my most favorite dish from our neighbor’s kitchen was Kashmiri, especially Chicken Tikka Kashmiri. My father became somewhat an expert at cooking that dish. And would surprise any guest dining with us for the first time with that skill. This creamy and appetizing gravy dish with nuts never failed to make people swoon over the rich taste. Whether scooped up with Keema Nan or Pilau Rice.

But, things changed when I left home to attend college in Cambridge. Sure, I was more than happy to be here. I always aspired to study here. But I did miss my family and the Chicken Tikka Kashmiri my father made.

During summer break, a friend of mine asked me to stay at his parents’ home for a weekend. His parents were out of town on a business trip, and he invites me and his other friend Greg for a guy’s night. Initially, I wasn’t very willing to go, but my friend promised, that he would show me something that will make me happy. I was sure, it would be some fascinating collection of coins or stamps or something like that because he was into those things. But when we arrived, he did not mention anything like that.

We spent the whole evening playing Age of Empires and FIFA. But before dinner, our host excused himself and told us to continue. He went outside and I don’t recall when he was back. But he did call us from kitchen within an hour. When we went there, I don’t know about Greg, but I was startled.

There was a gravy boat filled to the brim with Chicken Tikka Kashmiri. And there were piping hot Pilau Rice and Nan bread.

Curry Palace Cottenham: Indeed, a “Palace” for Homely Taste

Later my friend revealed these dishes come from Curry Palace Cottenham. An Indian Cuisine restaurant and takeaway service in High Street, Cottenham CB24. Next day I took a walk and it seemed quite close to his place. However, I did check the menu of Curry Palace Cottenham later. It was really diverse and filled with the kind of Indian dishes I would want. I know where I am coming to dine on weekends. The dishes are priced quite reasonably and are served in good portions.

If anyone is in Cambridge and willing to experience the magic of Indian cuisine dishes with the taste of homely comfort, I would suggest Curry Palace Cottenham to them.

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