Tales of a Sushi Lover: Moving in New City


Japanese cuisine came to the UK fairly recently compared to many other foreign cuisines. But I am glad that it is popular now. There are many quality Japanese restaurants and takeaways around now in many neighborhood around. Eating to fresh Japanese food never fails to make my day.

Me, My Mother, and Japanese Food

I don’t belong to that generation that did grew up with Japanese cuisine restaurants in every corner, but I heard my mother talking about those old days. Japanese cuisine wasn’t as popular as it is now back in 80’s. She would sometimes talk about how her colleagues reacted when Japanese food were served in meetings at work. And how her jealous (she didn’t use that word, but they aren’t my colleagues, I’m free to say it) colleagues would sometimes say my mother got promoted because she was too keen to impress the management, by keeping a jolly face to eating those “raw food” served in meetings. I wish they knew she grew up in Nagoya where my grandparents moved due to my grandmother’s work. Well, now that Japanese food isn’t just some finger food served in meetings, we’re more than just happy.

There are many Japanese cuisine restaurants and takeaways scattered all over the UK, which is very convenient. I tell you, for someone with mediocre cooking skills like me, it is not easy to prepare Japanese food at home. Well, I can fix some Chicken Teriyaki once in a blue moon, but that’s about it. I can’t make Sushi even if my life depended on it! Japanese takeaways and restaurants are life savers for me!

Sushi in the new city!

I had to move to Holloway few days ago. Like all responsible adults, I also did a little research about living here. Like where to shop, most convenient transport routes to work, how far are the hospitals, most importantly THE BEST JAPANESE RESTAURANTS AROUND.

However, my neighbours recommended me one. According to them, there is a Japanese cuisine restaurant and takeaway in our area that offers quality Sushi and other Japanese meals.

To test my neighbours’ recommendation, I ordered some Salmon Avocado Futomaki and Mochi from Tokyo Sushi. It was delightful. My neighbor was right. I knew what I will be ordering for my small housewarming gathering.

My mother was also very impressed. If she did not have dietary restrictions, I swear, she would have eaten three-quarters of Mochi served in my housewarming, She loved the Nigiri too.

Tokyo Sushi has enchanted two generations of Japanese cuisine foodies in their first try. I am sure, we are not the only fussy and picky Sushi fan they have charmed. But I know this, my stay in this neighbourhood is going to be very interesting (and tasteful). Mother’s going to stay over with me next weekend, and we are probably going to order the whole online menu of Tokyo Sushi. Dad said, he will drop by and finish off the leftovers.

However, if you are a sushi fan just like me and my mother (or maybe not like us), and happen to live in or around Holloway, I recommend you to try Tokyo Sushi once. You can thank me later. They serve in Stoke Newington N16, Harringay N4, Soho W1D, Clerkenwell EC1R and East Finchley N2.

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