Sushi Takeaways in London A Sushi Fan Should Check!

Sushi Takeaways in London

Japanese cuisine is the epitome of artistic practice of cooking. The Japanese culinary culture brings about the most delicate artful form in the dishes they prepare, from the minutest ingredient to the container or plate used for serving food. Such delicacy and well-practiced ancient form of cookery have made Japanese cuisine popular around the world.

However, Japanese cuisine is introduced to us, the people of United Kingdom, quite recently in comparison to the other foreign cuisines. We didn’t have any Japanese restaurant in London before seventies, can you believe that? No Sushi place before 70’s in the heart of British culture! It seems really hard to believe that now as now we have got many Sushi bars, restaurants, and takeaways all over London. You will be surprised that the history of Japanese cuisine in the UK is pretty interesting.

As I have said before, there were no Japanese cuisine restaurants before the seventies, actually, the first one was opened in 1974. And it took almost another ten years for Japanese cuisine to be popular. Actually, Japanese cuisines made their way to British food culture through the glass doors of conference rooms. Because, in the eighties, Japanese foods became popular as finger food for their size and type. It is easy to eat in a bite and it makes no mess. So, the party food in business gatherings slowly made its way to the general people and emerged as the new trend of foreign food to try during the mid to late nineties. And when in 1998, the conveyor belt Sushi bars in malls were introduced, the popularity of Japanese cuisine boosted almost exponentially. Some people even consider Sushi to be the new Chicken Tikka Masala these days. In my opinion, though, it is still not the new “Chicken Tikka Massala” yet, but, Sushi is very popular among the people. Also are the other Japanese foods.

However, though the availability of Japanese cuisine restaurants and takeaways have been rather high, yet, the authenticity of the food served is questionable. Most of the said “Japanese” restaurants serve the “westernized” versions of the traditional Japanese food. So, if you are looking for traditional, yet tasteful Japanese cuisines, you will have to search thoroughly.

However, I did my part of “searching” for Japanese cuisine serving restaurants in London that serve the dishes maintaining the authenticity while making it easier on the tongue of foreign people. So, I have a few recommendations for you. Definitely, it is merely my opinion, but if you want to try, I can tell you that, you won’t want to hunt me down for awful suggestions.

Sushi World: If I Must Choose Only One

Sushi World is a cozy Sushi takeaway of Lee Green, London. Located in Burnt Ash Road, Sushi World serves very well done authentic Japanese cuisines. Since I live close by, I often stop by this Sushi takeaway place to take home some scrumptious Japanese cuisine dinner. They make good Sushi and other Japanese dishes. However, I am more interested in the tiny Hosomaki they serve. Hosomaki Sushis are cooked and packed with such precision that, when I open the parcel back home, it still tastes as if the Sushi chef just rolled it for serving. I would also recommend the Japanese Salads they serve. My personal favorite is the Seared Tuna Salad. However, you can also try the Seared Salmon Salad, Seaweed Combo Salad or the Sushi Salad. Sushi World also serves two incredibly tasty rice bowl meals. Both Shiraishi and Poke Bowl are very tasteful in their own way. I would also recommend the Gyozas (another favorite of mine). These little dumplings come in different varieties. They serve the Gyozas with sweet chili mayo dip. This palate changer will surely enhance your experience.

Sushi Takeaways in London: Four Sushi Places a Sushi Fan Should Try

Umi Sushi Bar: Located in Well Hall Road, Eltham, Umi Sushi Bar is a Japanese Cuisine restaurant and takeaway service. They serve very authentic Sushi Rolls. But especially most authentic Futomaki. If you are a Futomaki fan, you will love this place. I can safely say, “Umi’s Futomaki are yummy!”

Naha Sushi: Naha Sushi is a Japanese cuisine takeaway of Cleveland Way, London. If you are a fan of Temaki rolls, you should stop by or order a takeaway from Naha Sushi at least once. They make different types of handmade Temaki Rolls at Naha Sushi. They offer Tuna, Salmon, Spider Crab and Prawn Temaki Rolls with Avocado. They also make varieties of Temaki Rolls, like Duck, Eel, Chicken and even Salmon skin! You would not want to miss the incredibly tasty Temaki hand rolls they serve.

Rainbow Sushi & Salad Bar: Located on Blount Street, London, Rainbow Sushi & Salad Bar is a great Sushi place, especially if you are a big fan of Nigiri. They serve a very diverse range of Nigiri Sushis, which will make your sushi (more precisely Nigiri) loving taste-buds happy. I would suggest you go to their website and check it for yourself how many different types of Nilgiris area they serve in Rainbow Sushi & Salad Bar.

Sushi Bar: Sushi Bar is an authentic Sushi takeaway in Highway Business Park of Heckford Street. They also serve other tasteful Japanese dishes. However, their Uramaki Rolls are best in the town. This family runs Japanese takeaway is also very concerned about hygiene and quality of ingredients. Sushi Bar is a very good Sushi takeaway, especially you are ordering for children. You can trust Sushi Bar regarding quality.

These are the authentic Japanese cuisine restaurants/takeaways I have been to in London. Surely you will come up even better suggestions. And I welcome those in advance. Please do let me know what you think of my suggestions and your experiences in any of these places I’ve suggested.

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