Mingling the Boundaries: A New Wave of Japanese Cuisine in London

Sushi Japanese Food in London

Oriental cuisines, especially Japanese artistic cuisines have become popular in west in last few decades. In early seventies, the first Japanese restaurant opened up in London. The popularity of Japanese cuisine emerged as canapé for business meetings. However, later the Japanese foods, especially sushi became a popular business lunch for its simplicity and texture. Popularity of Japanese cuisine did not stay confined among the corporate society, it transcended from being a popular lunch food to a favorite choice of meal for public in 1990s.

Consequently, the high demand of sushi and other Japanese cuisines resulted in an increasing number of Sushi restaurants and takeaways. Due to the popularity of this cuisine, most of these restaurants and takeaways are earning a good keep. Also, this has induced another dimension and employment scope for all those youngsters who were planning career in culinary practices. The reality is, to keep this business profitable or sometimes due to the absence of proper idea, often the authenticity of Japanese cuisine isn’t always at pristine level. However, some new restaurants have gone all the way to preserve the authenticity and earned the trust of oriental cuisine lovers.

Located in Brick Lane, Yummy Chinese & Sushi is a place for Oriental cuisine. Their Tofu menu is very diverse and great in quality. The Tofu dishes are complemented with other vegetables.

In Cleveland, Naha Sushi is gaining popularity for the small rolls and Nigiri. Their boxed meals like Bento and Sushi boxes are quite phenomenal and people often order those. The popularity surely comes from the high range of combinations they offer. However, they also announce some great offers.

However, there is one Japanese cuisine takeaway that deserves an elaborated mention. In 12 Burnt Ash road of Lee Green, Sushi Japanese has become quite a name for Japanese cuisines within a short time. Sushi Japanese has devised a way to induce relatability while keeping the authenticity of the cuisine intact in an artful way. Their ability to mingling with two food cultures with preserving authenticity has attracted the attention of a spectrum of food lovers that includes very posh to casual eaters. Though named after one of the most popular Japanese dishes all over the world, Sushi Japanese does not focus only on Sushi. They serve other incredible Japanese main and side dishes and desserts along with Sushi.

The Sashimi dishes Sushi Japanese offers are immaculate in taste and texture. There is a great variety to choose from. They also serve very incredible Gyoza and Katsu meals. However, their Japanese noodles menu is worthy of a special mention. They offer a wide range of noodles from fried Yakisoba to great variants of Udon. Sushi Japanese Teriyaki dishes gathered a fame for perfection, they offer various mouthwatering Teriyaki dishes to order from.

And then there is Sushi, the prime attraction. They serve all the great types of Sushi foods including Gunkan, Hosomaki, Nigiri, Futomaki and Uramaki. All of these Sushi types come in various fillings and/or toppings. Their Sushi making skills and presentation are so impeccable that people from different corners of London come by and order from Sushi Japanese.

They also serve the most incredible Mochis in the locality available in chocolate, vanilla and green tea flavor.

These new restaurants are setting a new standard of cooking and presenting the authentic Japanese cuisines to western culture while inducing relatability. Trying these places for a meal is a wise choice.

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