Summer Breeze, 6 Young Souls & Plateful of Curry


“Why Indian food is so popular everywhere!”- My friend with Indian roots was saying the other day. I was surprised to hear that from him, but then it seemed only fair. Because he has been seeing these incredible dishes being cooked almost every day in their kitchen. The bright colors and tantalizing aroma of dinners he ate were always a part of this life. The spicy ingredients and flavor enhancing herbs aren’t any big deal for him. But to us, all of those things are quite amazing. And that is why Indian cuisine dishes are so popular in the UK.When You Can’t Go to Indian, Bring Indian Taste Home!

My friends and I always have big plans for the summer holidays. Because Christmas holidays are for spending with family. But the summers are saved for hanging out with the friends. We have been friends since high school and we are still in touch with each other. Even though most of us went to different colleges and have chosen different career paths. We always manage to spend time together on fairly regular basis. We must be lucky!

But Lady Luck probably chose our friend Kit for a test. So she put him in a cast. We were planning to visit India this summer. But we canceled it because Kit was hit by a bike messenger while crossing the street. The injuries were minor but it was not recommended to go and explore a country in the different continent. So, there he was, spending his summer in his Brighton house. And he was quite bummed. Because he was most excited about the trip. The rest of us decided to go over his place and cheer him up. And nothing cheers him up better than food. So, we decided to bring as much food we can. Our other friend Greg found an Indian Cuisine Restaurant and Takeaway service near the house Kit lives in. And we ordered Indian dishes we thought Kit would like. We ordered collection because we wanted to surprise him. And collected the meals on our way to his place.

The kit was really elated to see us. We laid table in his backyard and unpacked the piping hot dishes. The kit was really elated.

Happiness Through Flavors!

We had a rather great time. The cool summer breeze made the night even more enjoyable when our eyes watered while scooping up the spicy Vindaloo with Cheese Nan bread.

Tikka Indian Restaurant and Takeaway deserves a shout-out for such incredible Indian cuisine meals. The menu of Tikka Indian Restaurant is quite diverse and we have ordered many dishes, and all of those were ready in time. They are quite efficient as a takeaway. I am going to order my Indian cuisine dinners from Tikka Indian from now on. They serve in my neighborhood of Fishersgate.

Tikka Indian Restaurant and Takeaway serves in Hangleton BN3, Bevendean BN2 4RA, Kemptown BN2, Moulsecoomb BN2, Ovingdean BN2, Rottingdean, Saltdean BN2, Woodingdean BN2 and Fishersgate BN41. If you want to have some sumptuous Indian cuisine dinner, I suggest you try Tikka Indian Restaurant. I am sure you will be delighted.

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