Rediscovering Indian Curry in Lee Green!

Indian Curry Takeaway Dish in Lee Green London

Getting to see the tomb of Edmund Halley was a great experience, at the same time biking all the way to St Margaret Church was incredible as well. However, these activities did toil me and my friends. One of us was a little homesick since it was his birthday, and I decided to go for Indian meal. However, my lack of knowledge regarding neighborhood of Lee was a problem. But it was resolved thanks to modern technology and I found an impeccable Indian takeaway that made our day!

Derek, a friend of ours- invited us to The Glebe, where his family lives, well, used to live. Because their family is moving from Lee Green and selling this home. So, this is going to be his last visit to their old family abode and he asked us to join him. This grandiose Victorian home was indeed sad to part with. My sympathy did not come just for the grandeur of this place, but for its incredible location. The iconic Church of St. Margaret is in close proximity of this place. My childhood idol Sir Edmund Halley is laid to rest there along with famous astronomers John Pond and Nathaniel Bliss.

Derek and Rajesh, my other fried agreed to my idea of visiting the resting ground of these visionaries in astronomy. We rented bikes and visited the church. The day was misty with clouds floating in the sky like giant balls of cotton, as if the nature agreed with our gloomy emotions. And also a great day for cycling. Anyway, it was birthday of Rajesh. I told Derek we will be surprising Rajesh later today. However, we did not have any previous plan. We just decided to give him a signed paperback of his favorite author along with a treat of Indian cuisine in lieu of picnic in Manor House Gardens.

A Friendly Curry Takeaway in Lee Green

I browsed my phone for the best Indian cuisine takeaway around as we were taking a water break in Old Tiger’s Bus Stop. I guess it was a coincidence, there was an Indian cuisine takeaway very close. Derek and Rajesh Decided to pedal their way to Manor House Gardens as I left to pick our (very) late lunch in Burnt Ash Road.

I found the takeaway in Burnt Ash road to be a rather friendly place. It was called The Curry World. Well, I must confess, I’m not a regular curry person. However, I have good idea about what my friend Rajesh loves. He can kill for a well prepared Tandoori dish and Naan bread with stuffing. I placed takeaway order for Keema Naan and Half Tandoori Chicken. Since Derek isn’t a big Tandoori guy, I ordered a dish called Mongo Chicken for him along with Mushroom Rice. And a Vegetable Biryani too because I did not want to take risks.

After a long time I experienced such cordial behavior from staffs of a busy takeaway. They were very cooperative and efficient. I did not have to wait for long time to get my order processed. They took extra care in packing when I told them I will be cycling for a while before unpacking.

Magic of Curry World: Transforming Picky Eaters to Curry Lovers!

My friends were enjoying their time lying on a picnic blanket. We sang Rajesh the happy birthday song and Derek earthed a copy of Looking for Alaska signed by John Green. We could see the sparkle of joy in his eyes. But, it must be said that his joy inflated exponentially after taking a bite of Tandoori Chicken. I would not call Rajesh picky, but he would never hesitate to give his honest opinions regarding drab curries. This time he would not stop saying how much he loved this curry. Derek’s reaction was more notable. Though he is the “picky eater” among us, he did not say a word while consuming his share of Mongo Chicken with Mushroom Rice. It was almost the same for me. I did not say much because I did not want to waste time and give my friends a chance to eat my share of curries.

Daylong cycling definitely increased our hunger, however, our newfound fondness for Indian cuisine did not just come from hunger. The artful skills of The Curry World chefs was mainly responsible for that. I swear, if I come back to Lee Green again, I am definitely going to taste the culinary magic of Curry World once again.

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