Prawn Balti: To Cook or Not to Cook (Ordering Takeaway)

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Cooking is interesting. Sometimes it is rewarding, sometimes it is tiresome. To me it mostly a tiresome thing to do when it’s some foreign cuisine meal we are talking (well there are always exceptions). And honestly, why should I cook when I can order the same food (only prepared better) from a place and get done with the fuss.

Prawn Balti (Seafood and Curry): Total Win-Win

I love seafood. I just do. It has been only a few years I started finding Indian cuisine dishes interesting. That is why, I must say Prawn Balti has become one of my most favorite dishes so far.

Recently, I have attempted to make that dish right in my apartment kitchen after going through many recipes on internet. And I am happy to report that, the experiments went rather well. But I am a lazy slob and I don’t think I am going to do that when I can order a good Prawn Balti takeaway from any restaurant/takeaway nearby. Because generally Prawn Balti is my comfort or weekend food. And I don’t like to strut around my kitchen when I am really in need of moral or emotional support or having a (good and) lazy weekend.

However, I am more than happy to share my “kitchen strutting” experience with you. And also, I must say, it really feels good to gloat about doing “something constructive” in my kitchen.

At first, I heated the oil until it was bubbling in a pan. Then added the chopped onions and fried it until it went translucent (I was really proud of myself that I did not fried it to brown). Then I sprinkled some salt and fried the onions and then added some green chillies, ginger and garlic.

Then I stirred all these goodies to combine and added some sliced capsicum and tomatoes, tomato paste, hot spices, chilli powder and some ground coriander and stirred while the capsicums were being cooked.

Then I added the prawns (nope, they were not cooked) along with some water. Then I added some chopped coriander leaves while the prawn was being cooked.

When the prawns were cooked (finally!) I added some more slices of capsicum and some lime juice. Just FYI, don’t fully cook the capsicums, it tastes better when it is crunchy.

And finally, I sprinkled some more salt and pepper to the whole preparation (hey, taste and authenticity matters!).

And I am telling you, Prawn Balti tastes really good with Keema Nan, Garlic Nan or Chapatti. And if you cannot make Keema or Garlic Nan, I am sure you can make yourself some Chapattis in a very short time. I suggest to make the Chapattis after you are done with the Prawn Balti, because the whole preparation tastes best with warm and fresh Chapatti or Nan breads.

Shad Indian: Serving the Best Prawn Balti in East London!

Well, as I have said before, I am not much into cooking. Surely, cooking is fun when it is done right, but the effort is too much for me. So, as you can already assume, I am a takeaway man. And I am happy to have an incredible Indian cuisine Restaurant and Takeaway service in Tooley Street SE1 named Shad Indian Restaurant and Takeaway. Shad Indian is a great Indian restaurant to dine in, you must know that. And at the same time, they also have an incredible Indian cuisine takeaway service. If you go through the menu of Shad Indian, you will find a rather diverse and sumptuous offering of Indian cuisine dishes.

Shad Indian serves in Whitechapel E1, London Bridge SE1, Monument Station EC3V, Cannon Street Station EC4N, Aldgate E1, Clerkenwell EC1R and Canary Wharf E14. So, if you are from any of these areas, you can get a tasty Indian cuisine takeaway meal right at your doorstep.

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