Poolside Dinner with Indian Food on a Summer Weekend


These days the question “Why Indian cuisine dishes are so popular?” is somewhat obsolete. Because Indian cuisine dishes have become an integral part of our gastronomical culture of the UK decades ago. Chicken Tikka Masala is as much of a part of the dishes we consume like Shepherd’s Pie. Indian cuisine dishes are no more “exotic” and “foreign” to us, but, surely these rich in aroma, bright in color and incredibly tasteful dishes are a pleasant part of our lives. And that is a great thing!

Housewarming Curry Night on a Warm Saturday Evening!

My best friend Greg shifted to his new house in Teddington TW11. He invited all of us to his housewarming last Saturday. Boy! The house he bought is really cool! When the rest of us are trying our best to save some money every month to buy a good house in like 10 years, Greg not only got himself a great house, he got quite a handsome bank balance as well. Working in PR did him some good.

It was a great summer evening. We were having a good time relaxing on floats in his large pool. The gentle summer breeze was cooling off the heat. Greg’s house is going to be our new weekend meet place. Most of us are tired of playing FIFA in my dingy basement on free weekends. And I am too. At one point the bell rang and Greg rushed to the front door. I guessed that would be our dinner, so I might as well help him out. Because I know there are going to be so many boxes.

And I was right. It was a delivery from an Indian cuisine takeaway that serves in Teddington. Greg later told me, this Indian cuisine takeaway is located in Hounslow TW4.

The dinner was phenomenal. Even Rob, who is always skeptical about Indian food, was feasting on Chicken Tikka Masala and Mushroom Pilau Rice!

Discovering a New Indian Takeaway that Serves in My Neighborhood!

I really had a great time back in Greg’s house. Sure, the house was great and after a long time, my friends and I were hanging out somewhere that is not a dark, damp basement, smelling of sweat, crisps, and soda.

But the best part of the housewarming do at Greg’s was the yummy dinner. Name of the Indian cuisine takeaway Greg ordered from is called Whitton Tandoori.

Later I browsed the website of this Indian cuisine takeaway. The menu of Whitton Tandoori is phenomenal. They have the Traditional Dishes, that we all know and love, like Korma, Rogan, and Madras, along with the most popular ones like Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken. But that is not all. There are more categories to browse from and a wide range of side dishes.

I am glad that Whitton Tandoori serves in my neighborhood of Hanworth TW3. They also serve in Teddington TW11, Twickenham TW, Hampton TW12, Feltham TW13, Hatton DE65 and Whitton TW4. I am going to order my Indian meals from Whitton Tandoori from now on

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