Of Christmas and Indian Food

Indian cuisine dishes have become popular worldwide. The popularity of Indian cuisine has touched British soil long ago. Even though “Indian restaurants” were not phenomenal in the UK before mid 1900’s, the first Indian restaurant was opened more than 200 years ago. Even Indian dishes were present in Royal menu during Victorian period. It took us a while to discover the ambrosial flavours, attractive colours, and mouth watering aroma of Indian food at their own glory.

But when we did, there was no going back. The popularity of Indian cuisine is ginormous now. Even we have assimilated Indian food with our holiday meals. At least our family does.

Christmas Leftovers & Curry Dishes

My parents are very keen on experimenting with food. They were all about trying new things. And that is why my brother and I grew up with an appreciation of food from different cuisines. For example, we would always have a curry dinner made from Christmas leftover meats. It tasted so good that we looked forward to that more than actual Christmas meal.

Anyway, I am going to order Indian food from my most favourite Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway in Stopsley, Luton. I missed Christmas and Boxing day with family last year too. And only could go home before New Years. This one is going to be the same. But I have faith in Jay Raj to make my Christmas eve and Boxing day special.

Festive Yummies

I am generally a gravy enthusiast. But sometimes I love to taste Rice and meat based dishes. Last Christmas I stuffed my face (not literally) in Chicken Tikka Biryani from Jay Raj.

Sure, the menu of Jay Raj contains other ambrosial items as well. But the Chicken Tikka Biryani is more tasteful. At least to me.

Jay Raj serves in Caddington LU1, Aley Green LU1, Slip End LU1, Pepperstock LU1, Lilley LU2, Cockernhoe LU2, Wigmore LU2, Mangrove Green LU2, Chiltern Green LU2, Tea Green LU2, High Town LU2, East Hyde LU2, Sundon LU3, and Streatley LU3. To learn more about where they serve and their opening hours, please go to their websites.

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