New Steakhouse in Town: Great Discovery in Northampton

Toro Dorado Steak House

This Christmas and New Year’s holiday haven’t been anything close to holiday for me and my friends. I run a design firm with my best friends from college. And during the whole Christmas and New Year’s holiday, we worked for our overseas clients, where they have only one day holiday for Christmas.

Now that we are finally done with all of our work assignments from 2016 and have our hard earned paychecks in our accounts, we decided to finally take a week off spend some time with our families and meet next weekend for a meal together.

I have been in Surrey last few days at my parent’s home and then babysat my nephew when my sister had to go to Manchester for a business meeting. My week has been okay and relaxing so far, but I can’t wait to meet my friends! I admit, those friendships tend to strain when you do business with your friends. But now we’re past that “strain”. At least I think we are. Because even after a heated discussion over an order at 2 in the morning and vowing not to see each other face ever again, next morning we can’t wait to have a cup of tea with each other.

Yes, I’m missing my friends. They said we are going to meet in a new and hip restaurant around Nick’s place. Nick lives near Billing Brook Road, and I haven’t been there for a while. Our office is close to my place in Riverside Park. And Trevor also lives close by. Generally, Nick joins us in restaurants nearby when we hangout. But this morning he texted that he will drive us to a new Steak restaurant close to his place. Well, I don’t mind. At least I am going to meet my best friends.

Nick stopped by around 4:00 pm. He drove us to Wellingborough Road. It was indeed a new Steakhouse I’ve never been to. Toro Dorado Steak House. The décor looked modern and welcoming. Nick had a table booked for us. Our server greeted us with a warm smile. He brought the menus and left us to decide as we asked a few minutes to ourselves.

Actually, the drink list looked more interesting to me, as I won’t have to drive tonight, before work week starts, I want to loosen up a bit. So, while Nick and Trevor were busy ordering the starters and main dishes, I was scanning the wine list. And I must say, they have a great collection. But tonight I’m not into wine. This night calls for a bottle of Jack. Nick and Trevor made up their mind about the orders as well.

However, before our server came back for our order, I scanned the menu. Toro Dorado Steak House provides quite a range of South American Style steaks and other fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Nick ordered a White Bait fish starter for himself and Nacho diaper for me. Well, he’s well aware of my Nacho frenzy. And Trevor, as he always does, ordered something neither of us has tried before. Generally most of the time he ends up eating from our orders and Nick and I finish off whatever he ordered. This time it is something named Mejillones Al Vino. We have our fingers crossed.

We were so involved in talking about our holidays we it felt like our orders were served in no time. Well, I must say, they process the orders quite fast.

The Nacho Dipper was incredible. Tortilla chips were fresh and crispy, and the dip tasted like heaven! Surely they use some herbs and spices I have never tried before. I tasted the White Bait from Nick’s plate too. It was crispy and tasty. The taste of the fish is only complemented in the best way possible by the taste of the batter. And surprisingly, Trevor isn’t attacking our plates yet! So, for the first time, we turned the table instead and attacked his.

Of course, he would not attack our plates today. Mejillones Al Vino turns out to be an incredible dish of Mussels steamed in garlic, cream, and other vegetables. And he loves Mussels. The problem is, so do we. In the end, like three unsupervised toddlers, we finished our starters, fighting with each other in hushed voice, like ninjas. We are lucky that the other patrons didn’t mind.

Despite our childish camaraderie our server and the other staffs were really friendly to us. And they brought us our delightful main course by the time we were done with the starters.

Nick and Trevor surely know my preferences well. They ordered a well done T-bone steak for me with Thin Cut Chips and Grilled Asparagus. Nick, the designated Rib guy chose to go hybrid himself. He ordered a Combination meal of Steak and Ribs. It was a good choice for him, half rack of ribs and rump steak served with chips is quite a bargain! And Trevor ordered a Sea Bass and Sautéed Spicy Garlic Chips. For the scrumptious meal we had, the price was very reasonable.

They sprinkled some special herbs in the T-bone steak, I could tell that from the first bite. And it tasted incredibly good. The Asparagus and chips went really well with it. Nick, the ultimate chatterbox was silenced with the rump steak and a half rack of ribs. Trevor was enjoying the fish as well.

When we finished, we took a moment to appreciate the incredible taste. The cooking was more than just simply delicious. Trevor and I were so full, we did not want to go back all the way to Riverside Park. So we crashed in Nick’s place. And like kindergarten kids, we had a sleepover.

What I can say is, Toro Dorado Steak House serves really tasty and authentic South American style steaks and other meals. Later Trevor said, the Sea Bass he ordered is probably the best one he has tasted in any restaurants. We owe it to Nick for introducing us to such an awesome steakhouse. I think we will hang out more in his place from now on. Because after the heavy Steak intake, it won’t be a good idea for us to travel back home and there will be many visits to Toro Dorado Steak House from now on. I’m eagerly looking forward to it.


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