Motivation in Takeaway Box

Indian cuisine dishes have enchanted us with the magical flavour, taste, and aroma for a while. In most regions around the world, Indian cuisine dishes are held dear to. The plethora of flavours, varying chilli levels, and different ways of cooking. Boy! Am I glad that Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways are abundant in the UK. It is very likely to find one Indian cuisine restaurant or takeaway nearby to order the delicious dishes from. Personally speaking, Indian cuisine was more than just a type of food for me. Care to know more about it?

Of Layoffs and Comfort Food

I think the heading gives it off. This happened when I got laid off from the design firm I worked before starting my own business. It was just before the holiday season, so you can imagine how terrifying it was. Sure, strategically speaking. I am the least vulnerable to layoffs, as opposed to my then colleagues. A single man in mid twenties has hardly many things to lose. I was laid off along with few others because the management decided to operate in minimal budget and will use outsource projects.

Believe me, al the words like, “new possibilities” and “opportunities” meant nothing that moment. It was very frustrating. I had a trip planned to Surrey with my friends and was planning a new years night at my place. I would have to pay the bills until I land on a new job. The looming darkness overwhelmed every single positive thing I could otherwise have appreciated if circumstances were different.

That evening I drove home and fell asleep. No dinner, no fluid, as miseries of my life. The next morning, my first morning of unemployment, I woke up hungry, thirsty, and with a very bad headache. As if misery was beating me big times in a tennis match. I became one with the couch, I did not leave that one spot apart going to washroom, and watched the telly mindlessly. I had zero motivation to fix something up. I decided to order a takeaway order from the Indian cuisine takeaway in Cheshunt Waltham Cross. Even though it is not the most rational decision for a newly unemployed person to spend money on prepared meal when you can prepare meals on your own from your own for lower cost. But I was too distraught for that.

De Ja Vu is always impeccable when it comes to serving right on time. My delivery order was not even a moment later than it was supposed to.

Biryani in Charge!

I never thought I would find myself in a situation where I would find comfort in food even though I did not seek it in the first place. I did not seek it in the first place. I did eat my share of “comfort food” like the rest of my classmates when we would have an undesirable grade or in general were going through blues. But I never thought I would find a comforting assurance that “there is still hope” when I was delving on Chicken Tikka Biryani. The Biryani was so good and was served in such a huge portion that it really sated the hunger I did not realize I had.

I would not say, I got an epiphany out of takeaway box. However, the warm and tasteful mean gave me hope. It reminded me, there are many things to be grateful for and to move on. Sure, it was not the happiest time of my life and I had a lot of challenges ahead, but there are still some achievable good things and rewards awaiting.

I will not bother you more with the mundane details of my frustration. However, I should give De Ja Vu a shoutout. This Indian cuisine restaurant does not serve ambrosial meals in time, but also, serves in good portions. More importantly, De Ja Vu serves in quite generous portion for the price they charge.

You should check the menu of De Ja Vu. It includes many tasteful Indian dishes. You will love the taste, as De Ja Vu is pretty careful when it comes to choosing ingredients and authenticity.

De Ja Vu serves in Broxbourne EN10, Cheshunt EN7, Waltham Cross EN8, and Cheshunt EN8. If you are into Indian cuisine dishes, I am sure you will like the Indian dishes De Ja Vu offers.

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