Last Days of Summer: Friends and Indian Food!


Indian cuisine dishes are popular worldwide now. And Indian restaurant can probably be found in places on earth where no other foreign cuisines have reached yet. The popularity of Indian cuisine is so high for a reason. The incredible taste, the alluring aroma, and the attractive colors satisfy more than one human senses and heighten the appetite. That is why people fall in love with Indian Cuisine. And the UK is no different. Indian cuisine restaurants can be found in almost every corner of the kingdom.

Boring Summer Days: Friends to Rescue!

This summer was boring so far. So, my friends thought we should at least try to make one weekend good enough. And that is why Mark invited all of us to his place and stay over for the weekend. And we thought that is probably going to be the highlight of this summer. We were excited. My excitement was particularly for two things: 1. Warcraft Legion 2. CHICKEN TIKKA BIRYANI!

It’s not that we don’t get to play online together, but it gets better when we are settled on the plush couches in his basement and shout profanities like there’s nobody else in the neighborhood. Which is in a way right though. No, he does not live in an isolated neighborhood. But he did make the basement sound proof because he shoots the YouTube videos he makes here. So, it’s really fun to play Warcraft here.

But the second thing is somewhat exclusive to Mark’s place. There is an Indian Cuisine Takeaway that delivers to his neighborhood of Potters Hill DE4. They serve really good Chicken Tikka Biryani, better than I tasted anywhere else. And he always remembers to order that for me.

Biryani: Made Summer Great Again!

We arrived early and huddled in his basement for a good game of FIFA. And then the order arrived right when we wanted it to be served. Most of us ordered Biryani this time. Even Greg, who is a little squeamish about Indian food. Well, he is a little squeamish about almost everything, yet he ordered the King Prawn Biryani. But our host also ordered some Honey Chicken and Garlic Rice. Boy! That was delicious too. We set the table in the backyard, and it was a good idea. We had a great feast. What can I say, Biryani kind of saved summer for me? And after dinner, we all sat for an all-night Warcraft marathon.

Also, a shout-out to Deliver Express, the Indian cuisine takeaway from Winford BS40. They cook really delicious Indian food and their delivery service is also rather great. However, their artistry does not stop at Biryani only. The menu of Deliver Express is way more diverse and offers many kinds of delicious Indian dishes.

I highly recommend this Indian cuisine takeaway to Indian food enthusiasts in Bristol. Deliver Express serves in Regil BS40, Dundry BS41, Potters Hill DE4. Order a meal to treat yourself with the authentic flavor of Indian dishes.

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