Is Calamari just a Starter? Or there’s more to it?

How much do you love Seafood? And if I told you I am hardly into the fishes and I am not a big fan of prawns will you still qualify me as a Seafood fan? Because I sincerely love deep fried squids.Calamari: The most Tasteful Seafood Ever (to me)!

I love Calamari. All the way. By “all the way” I mean, I just don’t love to order Calamari as a starter in restaurants, I also love to munch on those deep fried squids at home. And I know it very well that I cannot be the only one to do that. There are many comrades of mine who love to do so. And if you are hiding because you think you will be a laughing stock of your friends if they knew that, you can proudly state your preferences.

Because it tastes good. Really good!

And then I suggest you offer your friends a plate full of really well made Calamari. I am sure that will silence them. And the only thing they will say is “more Calamari!”

So, if you want to prepare Calamari at home, it is not a bad idea. But believe me, the tastes of homemade Calamari and the Calamari you will find in restaurants will never be the same. So, don’t “entangle” your expectations. Homemade Calamari has a nice and yummy taste of its own. Well, I can share with you how I make Calamari at home. And make no mistake, it is no “recipe sharing” because I am an experimental soon and don’t know what I am doing with the ingredients. I sincerely recommend you to go to any recipe website and find the real Calamari recipe. And then come back and ridicule me for what gibberish I am going to write below.

So, at first, I heat the oil (or should I say “preheat”) in a deep frying pan. I use vegetable oil by the way.

Then, in a mixing bowl (mine is medium size, with SpongeBob’s picture in it) I mix flour, oregano, black pepper, and salt. And I dredge the squad squids in that powdery mixture, making sure, the whole squid is covered with the flour and spice mix.

And the third step is simple. Frying the yummy squads so I can devour those later. But one thing I know for sure, the frying must be done very carefully, because, if somehow the frying is overdone, the squids will be toughened and it will be rather hard to eat.

I dry the squids with a paper towel before munching in, but in my mind, I know it will do almost nothing, most of the oil is already absorbed by the squid. Anyway, with a wedge of lemon, these yummy Calamari makes a good snack to munch on while watching Downtown Abbey or a Sherlock marathon.

Ordering Calamari as Starter in Northampton

Well, since I live in Northampton and I often dine out, so there are high chances for me to order Calamari as a starter. And I did that in many restaurants. But so far, one steak restaurant in Wellingborough Street served the best Calamari I have ever tasted. It is called Toro Dorado Steakhouse. This South American style Steak restaurant serves really yummy Calamari. And if you go through the menu of Toro Dorado Steakhouse, you will see the main dishes they offer are really great. Personally, I love the rib meals they offer.

Most of my friends love this restaurant as well. I sincerely recommend Toro Dorado Steakhouse to any South American style Steak fans (or if you just want some good Calamari like I do).

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