Indian Prawn Dishes: Another Yummy Dish to Try!

Tandoori King Prawn
Indian cuisine is really a beautiful and diverse one. It includes incredibly tasty vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. However, the non-veg dishes do not necessarily have to be meat dishes.Tandoori King Prawn: Because Why Always Chicken or Lamb?

Before you all start pelting me with your Chicken/Lamb affinity stones, I want to inform that I come in peace. I do also enjoy a nice and hefty Chicken or Lamb dish as well. But I must also let you know, I don’t want to limit myself to those two.

Along with meat, I am also a big seafood junkie. Maybe being born and raised in shoreline had something to do with it. But now I don’t live in Waxham anymore. But being a full time researcher in University Town have not deterred me from my passion for sea foods. Actually I have found some new and more exciting ways of devouring sea foods.

For example, Indian cuisine dishes. The spicy and aromatic Indian flavor goes really well with Prawn. I have heard, in India Prawn is also a very famous and applauded item as well and many different and tasteful prawn dishes are prepared in almost every regional culture of Indian sub-continent.

I especially prefer the Tandoori King Prawn dish. It tastes delightful! This natural creamy and spicy Indian cuisine dish often manages to make my day better when I am fatigued from the awful load of research work!

I’ve heard preparing Tandoori King Prawn is not that complicated. At first, the prawns are peeled and deveined. Then, the spices with lemon juice, ginger and garlic are mixed in a paste with water and it is stirred in with fresh yoghurt to make a marinade.

The peeled prawns are left to marinate in the creamy and spicy marinade for at least 10 minutes. Then vegetable oil is heated in a frying pan (medium heat). The marinated King Prawns are stir-fried in the heated oil until it is cooked thoroughly.

However, frying the prawns depend on equipment availability. The marinated prawns can also be lined up in a Tandoori skewer and fried in Tandoori Clay Oven or maybe on a Grill.

And this Tandoori King Prawn tastes best served with creamy dips.

From Where Do I Get my Tandoori King Prawns?

Well, it is a common Indian cuisine dish served in the UK. Many Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways serve this Indian seafood dish. To be honest I have tried many Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways for Tandoori King Prawn. Some were okay, and I regret checking some. But there is one Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway that made my seafood hungry stomach and savvy taste-buds quite happy. The Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway are named Curry Palace Cottenham. Located in High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge CB24, Curry Palace Cottenham serves in Landbeach CB25, Impington CB24, Histon CB24, Willingham CB24 and Chittering CB25.

If you look at the menu of Curry Palace Cottenham, you will be delighted. They offer a great range of Indian cuisine dishes. Dining in there is a great experience. But the takeaway service of Curry Palace Cottenham is also really great.

I often order from Curry Palace Cottenham. And if you are from any of their serving areas, and want to make an easy night, then you can order a sumptuous Indian cuisine dinner from Curry Palace Cottenham.

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