Indian Food: Scientific Explanation of Magical Taste

It is impossible to ignore the appeal of Indian food. Have you ever wondered “why” is it so? My foodie self did some lazy Internet searches when I was bored on one weekend afternoon. The findings were interesting in a molecular level (pun intended). The searches were so interesting that now writing about it driving me to order dinner from an Indian cuisine takeaway in Turner’s Hill EN8.

Peek Behind the Taste Blinders

Sure, we can easily say. “Indian food is popular because it tastes and smells great”. The question is, what makes the taste and smell “great”.

Well, if you are thinking “the spices, duh!”, then you are right. It is about the spices and herbs. Then again, don’t we use spices and seasonings in every cuisine? Like we don’t eat our food items raw, do we? There is a reason why Indian food taste so distinguished, and has a unique flavour.

As the “food science” people put it, (forgive me for my incorrect jargons), unlike Western dishes, where similar flavours are paired up together in case of Indian food, it is not the same. In case of most Indian dishes, at least more than five ingredients do not have overlapping flavours. That is why, such opposing flavour pairings in molecular level render a different and unique taste. This makes Indian food so appealing to us. Therefore, the charm of Indian food is irresistible.

And When the Bell Rings!

Did I not just start writing about why Indian food contains such alluring flavours? My takeaway order from Massala Gate has already arrived to my doorstep! Let me tell you something. This Indian cuisine takeaway serves the best Tikka Pasanada and Chicken Biriany. You can browse the menu of Massala Gate for your favourite Indian dishes. They offer high quality Indian food. They serve in Waltham Cross EN8, Hoddesdon EN11, Cheshunt EN7 & Turnford, Broxbourne in EN10.

If you are in any of these areas, I suggest you to try this takeaway at least once. You will be enthralled, how they capture the true flavour of authentic Indian cuisine.

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