Indian Food on Summer Holidays

Indian Food

Indian food has become a part of our lives in the UK. It was very likely to be so. Because we have been enjoying this tasty, aromatic and colorful dishes for a while. The first Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway in the UK have established almost 200 years ago. And the tradition is still going strong. The cuisine has become so popular that now Chicken Tikka Masala is officially recognized as one of the prominent British national dishes.

Binge-Holidaying on Summer Days!

Last Friday was my last summer weekend and that is why I wanted to do something about it. So far I have done nothing significant this summer, other than just lounging in my room and binge-watching all the seasons of DC derails that I put off. Seriously, I did nothing significant this summer, other than just lounging in my room and binge-watching all the seasons of DC serials that I put off. Seriously, I did nothing else but eat, cook, sleep and probably rode the spinning cycle in lieu of burning some calories that I put on from doing nothing productive these days. If not refreshing, it was much needed, however. Working in PR might seem very fancy to some people, but it is exhausting at times. I decided to treat myself today with a decent, tasty meal and enjoy the last weekend of summer (well, my last “free” weekend) to the fullest.

However, my idea of ideal summer weekend includes doing nothing and devouring my favorite Indian cuisine dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and watching some good old classic western movies. That is why I ordered my favorite dish from an Indian cuisine takeaway that serves in my neighborhood of Haynes MK45.

Chicken Tikka Masala: Best Way to Seal Summer Holidays!

Believe me, I did a happy dance like a toddler when the meal was delivered to my doorstep. The packaging was really good and when I opened the box, like always, it was piping hot, and the appetizing aroma of Chicken Tikka Masala filled the air of my living room. I sat cross-legged in front of the telly and scooped up Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Naan and tasty Green Salad. Believe me, this is the best thing I could wish for to end the holiday.

However, a shout-out to Green Chilli, and incredible Indian cuisine Takeaway in Kempston MK42. This Indian cuisine takeaway delivers Indian food right in time. Their collection service is great too. I recommend Indian cuisine fans of Kempston to check out the menu of Green Chilli. Along with sumptuous Chicken Tikka Masala, they serve other tasteful Indian cuisine dishes as well.

Green Chilli serves in Biddenham MK40, Kempston MK42, Begwary MK44 and Haynes MK45. You can order in a hefty meal (they serve is really good portions compared to the price!) and have a good, relaxing time like I did if you want with a few clicks right from your smart device.

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