Indian Food: A Relief for the tired ones!

Indian Food

I enjoy Indian cuisine just like most of the people in the UK. Just looking at the colourful dishes presented on table is a treat. And when the alluring aroma hits nostrils, it alerts the taste buds that something tasteful is about to caress those. And when I start consuming the ambrosial Indian food, my taste buds jump on a joy ride of flavors. Sometimes I wonder, how would we survive without Indian cuisine we survive without the Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in nearby locations.

Curry, Not Sorry!

What can I say? I unapologetically like and consume Indian cuisine dishes. Even it is weekend and I have the whole day to fix something for dinner! Sometimes, I just don’t feel like cooking. Like last Saturday night. I overslept, did laundry, cleaned the fridge and ate leftovers as brunch. Just like most grownups do on weekends. But this grown up person could not move limbs afterwards. I must confess I am a lazy lemon. So, I ordered some Butter Chicken and Kulcha Nan Bread from an Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway that delivers to my neighborhood of Slip End LU1.

Good Old (Curry) Dinnertime!

It has been a while since I had sumptuous dinnertime. I was relaxing, right in front of my telly, with a warm plate of creamy and tasty Butter Chicken and soft Kulcha Nan.

I must thank Jay Raj Restaurant. Their cooking is really fine. The smooth and rich Butter Chicken melted inside my mouth. I sincerely recommend people of Luton to try this Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway service. The menu of Jay Raj houses many sumptuous dishes. Jay Raj serves in Caddington LU1, Aley Green LU1, Slip End LU1, Pepperstock LU1, Lilley LU2, Cockernhoe LU2, Wigmore LU2, Mangrove Green LU2, Chiltern Green LU2, Tea Green LU2, High Town LU2, East Hyde LU2, Sundon LU3 and Streatley LU3. If you feel like ordering Indian cuisine takeaway, just place order from their website.

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