Indian Cuisine: The Standout Queen

Indian Cuisine

I often like to take a moment and appreciate the fact that we have so many Indian cuisine takeaways and restaurants across the Kingdom. I am grateful about this fact because Indian cuisine is iconic and unique, and having easy access to such a phenomenal cuisine is a huge feat. Do you want to know why Indian cuisine is so phenomenal? Please bear with me.It Lies in the Teeny Tiny Bits!

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” – I bet many of you are familiar with this famous Dr. Seuss quote. Indian cuisine has embraced this motivational quote centuries before Dr. Seuss was born. This ancient cuisine is unique, standalone and rebel with respect to the “conformities” of other comparatively “modern” Western cuisines. That is why Indian food tastes more flavoursome than the other Western cuisines. I am no food scientist or taste specialist. But I have spent many lazy hours reading articles about Indian cuisine. I have a vague understanding which I am willing to share with you.

Well, many of us think Indian dishes are so rich in flavour because spices and herbs are used. We should consider the fact that, the Western dishes are not prepared raw either. Spices, herbs, seasonings and garnishes are used in Western dishes as well. Yet, there is a very significant difference between the cuisines. Which makes Indian food so unique and alluring.

Believe it or not, the difference is in the molecular level. In case of Western cuisines, similar flavours are paired together in the dishes. In case of Indian food, the herbs, spices and other ingredients used bring contrasting flavours to the dishes, instead of flavour overlapping common in Western cuisine.  This contrast makes the Indian dishes more flavoursome and delicious. And that is why Indian food is so tasteful.

Curry on the Doorstep!

To be honest, I could not have compelled myself to sit down and write this thoughts and deductions in my mind without proper “treats”. In my case, the treats are well- prepared Chicken Tikka Pasanda and Vegetable Naan from an Indian cuisine takeaway in Queens Road BH2.

The takeaway service of Tiger Bay is impeccable. They offer sumptuous Indian food. If you are a fan of Indian food, you can check the menu of Tiger Bay from their website.

Tiger Bay serves in Redhill BH10, Ensbury Park BH10, Wallisdown BH10, Wallisdown BH11, Bournemouth town centre BH1, East Cliff BH1, Boscombe BH1, Branksome BH12, Upper Parkstone BH12, Canford Cliffs BH13, Sandbanks BH13, Branksome Park BH13, Lower Parkstone BH14, Penn Hill BH14, Bournemouth Central BH2, West Cliff BH2. I don’t know what others think, but I am a very picky eater. Still, Tiger Bay has always kept me happy. I, therefore, sincerely recommend this Indian takeaway to foodies nearby.

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