Incredible Tandoori Experience in Cottenham!

Curry Palace Cambridge

Last weekend was a highlight in my curry calendar! I went to visit my friend in Cottenham and later we went on a trip to the famous Cambridge Science Center. When we were driving back to Cottenham, we picked up our dinner from a restaurant named Curry Palace that served Indian cuisine. Actually, most incredible Indian cuisine I tasted so far.

It’s been almost a year since my friend left Kent and moved near Cambridge, in a small village called Cottenham. But hardly had a chance to stop by and meet him there. Fortunately, this week I had some work-engagements in Cambridge. I seized the opportunity to visit my friend. He insisted that I stay at his place and must not check in any hotel. I was happy to oblige. His picturesque little bungalow was comforting even to look at! Lawns in front and back, surrounded by trees and flower bushes to welcome people in front yard. We went to Cambridge Science Center on the next Saturday. It was really exciting! They offer really great deals with the admission. I learned a lot about clean and recyclable energy that day!

A Great Solution to Curry Questions!

Since I arrived at Cottenham, my friend has done so much! I thought I would cook him some Indian meal, because he loves curries and I am his only friend with Indian ties whose cooking is so far “authentic” according to him. But on my way home, I was really exhausted. I felt really guilty for myself! So I took my phone and browsed for any Indian cuisine restaurants near Cottenham our way home. And I found one very close to my friend’s place. It was called Curry Palace, Cottenham. So, I ordered some Peshwari Nan breads, Mushroom Rice, a whole Tandoori Chicken and some Chicken Tikka for starters online.

However, my friend was kind of confused when I said we need to swing by High Street. For he is a great fan of Indian cuisine and Curry Palace Cottenham is his regular go to place.

Curry Palace: Even My Browser Loves It!

I told my friend to wait in the car when I went inside to pick the meal up. My order was finished and packed, ready to be handed over.

As we arrived at my friend’s place, he was curious about how I came to know about his favorite curry restaurant in Cottenham. I had to tell him that he is not the only one, Curry Palace Cottenham was the first suggestion that caught my eye when I searched for the best Indian cuisine restaurant in Cottenham.

We unpacked the dinner. It was warm and looked quite good. And the aroma was filling the air. We started with the Chicken Tikka and my friend was elated. He loved Chicken Tikka very much, even my mom knew that! Every time I took him to my parents place, mom would make some Chicken Tikka for him. I don’t want to gloat, but my mom makes really good chicken tikka. But I’m sure, this tikka tasted even more delicious, I’m pretty sure my mom will agree with me.

However, the Tandoori Chicken was very yummy as well! It was cooked with perfection and the consistency of chicken in mouth was really great. The Mushroom Rice I had with it was great as well. My friend said he generally orders the Garlic Nan bread, but this Peshwari Nan was really good as well!

My trip to Cottenham was very eventful. Cambridge Science Center was an incredible experience. At the same time, I had the most incredible Tandoori Chicken meal in ages. I’ll should visit my friend in Cottenham more often, even if that’s just for such tasteful curry items.

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