From Gloom to Happiness: Rib Night at Northampton

Rib Night

I enjoy a good steak once in a while. Whether it is a difficult time or a happy time. And good ribs make me feel better as well. To be honest, I nurse on ribs the way some people nurse on alcohol to “drain” their sorrows. That would be a very unconventional analogy, but let’s just say, steaks and ribs are very important to me. Especially the South American style steaks. Those are another kind of delight.

Summertime, Work woes and Rib Cravings!

This year so far has been somewhat a little harsh n me. I moved to Northampton from Newcastle. Even though the new job pays really well and my house is in a really nice neighborhood, but I had only a little time to enjoy all of those. I have been at work until midnight for last few weeks. Fall is approaching and all the big fashion houses want their promotional materials ready. So, as a senior designer, I have only had a few hours to myself during this rush. It is safe to say, my summer break was duly messed up. I only got a Monday off this week. So I decided to make it count, And what makes a good time count better than racks if rubs? Well for others there might be different answer, but for me, a well-prepared rib is like Christmas. So, I decided to stuff my tummy with yummy ribs and steaks. So, I was looking for good South American style steak restaurants in Northampton, I wasn’t really worrying about the drive, because I planned to hail a Taxi anyway.

My colleagues suggested that I should try Toro Dorado Steakhouse. A new South American style steak restaurant that serves really good steaks and ribs.

Unlimited Rib Nights: Ultimate Fun Time!

My colleagues, who recommended Toro Dorado, surprised me at the entrance. They said choosing Sunday evening was a good idea, as it is unlimited Rib Night there. For a bargain fee, this steakhouse lets the diners have as much ribs as they want. My colleagues booked a reservation for me along with them. I could not thank them enough.

Guess what, the whole night was bliss. I had a good time after a long while. My colleagues were duly surprised as they saw me feasting on ribs like a hungry lion. They thought I was a “light eater”, since I’m lanky and barely 5’3”.

Well, they have learned that looks can be deceptive. Good for them. I should also add that the ribs Toro Dorado serve are brilliant. And the free Salad and Chips served with the ribs are good to eat as well.

Next time I am coming back here to taste the steaks with my colleagues. I must return the favor. They really opened the “El Dorado” for me.

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