Energize Yourself after Work with a Bowl of Chicken Soba

Japanese cuisines have swept Britannia with its artful presentation and subtle taste. And not all Japanese dishes are quite “new” to us. Some of the Japanese dishes strike familiarity with our known cuisines.Why Do I love Chicken Yaki Soba So Much: Confession of a Foodie

I love Japanese cuisine very much. Especially the artistic cooking and presentation of Japanese cuisine is very alluring. And the dishes tastes good in a different way. I almost love most of the Japanese dishes common in the UK: Sushi, Hand Rolls, Salads and Tempura – Name it. But my most favorite is the Noodles dishes. Especially the thin and fine Soba dishes.

To be honest, most Japanese dishes available here are acquired taste. But the noodles dishes are instantly relatable. Of course the Japanese cuisine noodles dishes have their own and distinct specialties, but they score rather high in “relatable” points.

My personal favorite is Chicken Yaki Soba. Because I like my noodles tasteful yet very fine. I don’t mean that I am against thick noodles. I enjoy those sometimes as well, but not as much as the fine Soba noodles.

And I love how Chicken Yaki Soba is made. I love it so much that I don’t worry about making myself sound like a 7 years old and blog about it (well, I don’t know if 7 years olds do blog or not, at least I did not).

So, first they heat canola oil and sesame oil in skillet and cook chicken and garlic in it for a minute. Believe me the aroma is beautiful! Then chilli paste is stirred in the skillet and the whole thing is cooked until the chicken is completely brown. The cooking is to be continued for at least 4 minutes. Then Soy Sauce is added and the whole preparation is left to simmer for a couple of minutes before it is poured in a bowl.

Then again some cabbage, onion and carrots is stir fried in a skillet with heated canola oil for 4 minutes, until the cabbage is wilted. Salt is added for the taste.

Finally, the chicken and the veggie mixture are added together and so is the boiled noodles and the whole preparation is cooked and stirred until the noodles are hot and chicken is brown. Well namely around 4 minutes.

And pickled ginger is sprinkled for taste later.

Sushi Japanese: The Japanese takeaway in Lee Green that Excels at Chicken Soba

To be honest, I like to cook Soba myself. But it isn’t always convenient since I often have to work ungodly hours and go back home all tired and wilted (more like the cabbages in Yaki Soba). So, the only good way to feel a little better is enjoying hot and tasteful helping of Chicken Yaki Soba, and since I cannot make it myself, a good Japanese cuisine takeaway order is the best idea to consider.

And there is an impressive Japanese cuisine in Burnt Ash Road, Lee Green SE12. It delivers sumptuous Japanese cuisine dishes. It is called Sushi Japanese. It serves in my area Grove Park SE12. Menu of Sushi Japanese is quite diverse. They offer many Japanese cuisine dishes. And I have tried a few. Believe me, they have managed the art of cooking Japanese cuisine dishes for British people very skillfully. The authenticity is not lost but it does not taste “too exotic” either. It taste wonderfully ambrosial, as it should be.

So, if you want to grab a Japanese dinner, you can order a takeaway from Sushi Japanese right from your smart device. They serve in Lewisham SE13, Blackheath SE3, Eltham SE9, Mottingham SE9, Chislehurst BR7, Grove Park SE12, Hither Green SE13, Blackheath SE3, Kidbrooke SE3, Charlton SE7, Catford SE6 and Greenwich SE10.

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