Dealing with sudden curry craving in Lee

curry craving in Lee

A Cyclist’s Guide to Indian Cuisine in Lee

Visiting Edmund Halley’s burial place is an incredible experience. So was

cycling all the way to St. Margaret church. But all these cyclings and walking around did exhaust

me and my friends. And since one of them was a bit nostalgic for home, I thought of getting us

some Indian meal. But I didn’t know any place nearby. Then an on the spot online discovery of

an Indian takeaway saved the day for a group of curry lovers on the bike.

This summer our friend Derek invited us to his family home in The Glebe, which he is saying

final goodbye too. I feel very sorry for him and his family as they have to say goodbye to this

magnificent Victorian villa. My sadness does not come merely from how good this place is, but

from the fact that this home is quite close to St. Margaret’s church- the burial ground of my

heroes Edmund Halley, Nathaniel Bliss, and John Pond. I’m sure Derek shares the same values

as I do since he is interested in astronomy as well.

On the first day of our stay at the Glebe, we decided to pay a visit to our heroes. So we decided

to pedal our way to the church. It was around 12 pm when we visited the graves of our revered

Astronomers Royal. It was oddly emotional, and the weather and nature were complementing

our sentiments as well. So we decided to ride along the road for a while. However, it was our

friend Rajesh’s birthday and we wanted to give him a surprise treat, though Derek and I did not

plan what that would be too thoroughly, as that might give Rajesh a hint. All we decided was we

will grab some good Indian food and give him a signed copy of Looking for Alaska- a book from

his most favorite author. Looking for the best curry!

Looking for the best curry!

As we were biking along the Brandram road, we were looking for a place where they serve good

Indian cuisine. Since Rajesh is Indian himself and had standards regarding his Indian food

preference, we had to be careful in choosing a place that offers best Indian cuisine. So I sported

my phone and browsed for any Indian cuisine restaurants or takeaway nearby when we were

resting in the Old Tiger’s Bus Stop of Lee Green. Guess what? Within a few minutes distance,

there is an Indian Takeaway. So when we decided to ride again, I told Derek and Rajesh to go

to Manor House Gardens and I’ll meet them with some late lunch meals. I did not waste time

and pedaled my way to Burnt Ash road.

Curry World: The Impeccable Taste of Indian Cuisine (and Packaging)

The takeaway in Burnt Ash road is called Curry World. Since I’m not a resident here, I can’t tell

whether it is a new establishment or not, but the place seemed quite friendly. I’m no expert at

Indian food, nor do I eat curries often. But I know one thing for sure, that how much Rajesh

loves a good helping of Chicken Tandoori and stuffed naan. So I ordered one Half Tandoori

Chicken, three Keema naan, a Mushroom Rice, a Mongo Chicken as Derek isn’t good with

Tandoori dishes and a Vegetable Biryani– just to be safe, also picked bottles of diet coke and

Fanta because I can’t stand cold.

The staffs were very friendly and cordial to me. I guess they guessed I was exhausted and

offered me a very quick service. My orders were processed very quickly, and as I informed

beforehand that I will have to pedal my way back to Manor House Gardens, they packed the

orders with special care so I can carry those without much fuss.

Curry Delights!

When I reached Manor House, I found Rajesh and Derek resting in the park. On a picnic blanket

Derek brought. Then I opened my magic bag of goodies. The aroma of Tandoori chicken

enticed Rajesh so much that he closed his eyes. And when we wished him birthday and

presented him with his gift, he seemed as if he was on the ninth cloud. However, his elation reached

a higher level when he devoured on the Tandoori chicken and keema naan. As if a good

Tandoori in Lee was a bigger surprise than a signed copy of Looking for Alaska. But Derek’s

reaction was most notable. When he ate the first morsel of Mongo Chicken, he seemed as if he

traveled on another astral plane. He was contemplating on the taste. Thin Mongo Chicken

transformed our otherwise picky eater friend Derek into a fan of Indian cuisine. I will have to say

the same for myself. I am definitely going to try more of these delightful Indian cuisines in future.

I just wish there were takeaways like Curry World where I live in.

Ending Summary: Paddling on our way from St. Margaret’s to Manor House Gardens must have

increased our appetite. But surely our appreciation for Indian cuisine elevated due to the great

culinary skills of the chefs of Curry World of Burnt Ash Road. I’m very sure, every time I’m

dropping by Lee, I am going to order something from this heaven of Indian cuisine

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