Curry Surprise on Mum’s Birthday!

Doubtlessly Indian cuisine is very famous among the people of the UK. It is hardly a foreign dish anymore. Chicken Tikka Masala was declared British National Dish a decade ago. In a way, Indian cuisine has become a part of our cosmopolitan culture. It means a lot to me personally. I come from, a mix-heritage family. My maternal side has close South Asian connections. I grew up eating tasty, traditional Indian meals every time I visited my maternal grandparents. My mother would make Indian dishes when she could manage. She was (and still is) a busy woman. Balancing a law practice and an academic career is not an easy thing to do. However, even though my grandmother is too old to cook Indian dishes for her grandchildren (now adults) every time they visit. But I have managed a way to compensate for that. Good Indian cuisine takeaways nearby.

Weekdays are best for Surprising Your Mother!

My mother’s birthday was on last Friday. Of course, I called, and she got wishes from all over the cyberspace, like people mostly do nowadays.  Though it was a Friday, most of us have tight schedule/ And since all of my siblings are adults with responsibilities, it is obvious to expect that nobody is going to wish mum in person on her birthday. Probably we will have a family lunch on next Saturday or go somewhere together. However, Grandma Vij and I decided to surprise mum at work. We started preparing weeks before. Even we contacted mum’s workplace and they eagerly helped. Anyway, there was only one problem. Food. I did not clearly mention it earlier, I am a horrible cook. There is no way, I can manage cooking for a surprise party in a law practice. My grandmother is not in shape for such heavy cooking load either. I hesitated to order Indian food. Grandmother herself was not very elated either. But, she decided to go with it nevertheless, as there was no other alternatives available. We made a collection order of Indian food from an Indian cuisine takeaway in my neighborhood of Brockley Road SE4.

Curry Surprise!

Mum could not believe her elderly mother and youngest child would conspire a surprise birthday part for her at work. We did that anyway. She was very happy however. When it was time for the “meal” I was nervous. So was mum. Grandmother used to be way more skeptic of “buying” Indian food instead of cooking when mum was young. However, Grandmother’s expression changed when she put the first morsel of Chicken Tikka Kurma scooped with some Mushroom Rice. She like it. I think I am going to send a congratulatory letter to Royal Tandoori. This Indian takeaway managed to earn my grandmother’s smile. She later playfully said, she will stop by my place on weekends for Indian food, as a payback. I guess I used to pester her too much for Indian food.

To be honest, I think Royal Tandoori is a great Indian cuisine restaurant. Their cooking is authentic, packaging is great and service is cordial. This takeaway has quite a reputation for maintaining consistent quality. You should take a look at the menu of Royal Tandoori. It is very alluring. The fact they have been maintaining the same consistency of good quality for 22 years, says something about Royal Tandoori. If you are into Indian food. You should try their dishes once. You can dine in or order a takeaway. Royal Tandoori delivers is New Cross SE14, Greenwich SE10, Nunhead SE15 and Downham BR1.

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