Curry on the Road: A Tale of a Touring Musician Foodie


Indian dishes have won the hearts of people around the world. The pairings of flavours, the aroma and the colours bring everybody (or at least the foodies) back to the takeaway collection lines. Or sometimes we order deliveries to our doorsteps. The point is, it is hard to ignore the charm of Indian food. In the UK, the history of Indian food dates back to more than two hundred years. However, it is true, Indian food was only popular since the second half of 20th century. Now, the UK has become the heaven of Indian food fans of the west. There are Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in almost every neighbourhood.

Birthday on the Highway, Curry after the Show!

I’ve started touring with my band after Christmas almost years later. I wasn’t sure about touring again, but my little brother, the lead guitarist insisted that I get back and start leading the band like old times. To be honest, deep down inside, even I wanted to get back touring with the boys. It was not very hard for me however, I freelance, so I did not have to apply for a leave, or explain myself to anyone. My last two jobs paid well, so I boarded the tour bus with a clear mind and no expectation. Well, it took me a few days to adjust with the tour life. What I missed most was the food. What can I say, I am a food junkie. Especially Indian food, I am a regular customer of an Indian cuisine takeaway nearby. But I decided not to press on it,. The boys did not deserve a whiney band leader. And our manager and the roadies have way too many things to do. So I kept my Chicken Tikka Massalla and Mushroom Fried Rice cravings silenced. Actually, there are so many things to worry about, like the venues, the paperwork, finances- like the manager chap needed a hand with all the things to worry about. I knew the boys were planning to go out for a drink after the show in Hove. It was my birthday after all. We mutually agreed on a no drink rule on concert days. Maybe a force of habit, since we formed this band when we were in high school, but so far it was a good idea. Since we did not have a show on the following day, I didn’t object when I overheard a word or two among the boys. The show went well, and we’ve sold a good amount of tour merchandise- something we are doing for the first time, I was happy.

Brian, our drummer stuffed us all in his mother’s mini van and drove. He is from Hove and he volunteered to be our guide that day. I was expecting to be driven to a decent pub, BUT GUESS WHAT, OUR CAR STOPPED IN FRONT OF AN INDIAN CUISINE RESTAURANT!

Birthday Dinner Delight!

I was not expecting such a treat from the boys. Apparently, the made a prior reservation and got a cake for me as well. I cannot remember when was the last time I had such a good time on my birthday. The boys ordered Chicken Tikka Massalla, my most favourite Indian dish along with some other traditional Indian cuisine dishes. Tikka, the Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway in boundary road BN3 was incredible. Their service was flawless and the food was marvelous. I didn’t know then, I have got more tummy satisfactions awaiting!

Linda and Trevor, Brian’s parents were out of the town and invited us to stay in their empty house. I tell you, if you are touring on the road for days in a bus, getting to sleep in a comfortable, warm, real bed is like a highlight of the day. We were very happy and giddy.

Dean, our manager ordered the food. He generally is not into spicy food, we were expecting some pizza with mild toppings. Guess what was delivered to the doorstep of Brian’s parents’ house? Yes, MORE Indian food from Tikka Restaurant.

Dean ordered Indian for us! Chicken Biryani and Mushroom Biryani! When we opened our boxes, the whiff aroma from piping hot Biryani filled the atmosphere of the whole kitchen. It tasted very delightful. I am not a local. But I am a huge curry fan. I know a good Indian cuisine takeaway, when I order from one. Take it from me, if you are in Hove, or places nearby, I sincerely recommend you to try Tikka Indian Restaurant.

Tikka Restaurant serves in in Hangleton BN3, Bevendean BN2 4RA, Kemptown BN2, Moulsecoomb BN2, Ovingdean BN2, Rottingdean, Saltdean BN2, Woodingdean BN2 and Fishersgate BN41. I have checked the website of Tikka, it’s quite resourceful.

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