Chronicles of an Indian Food Fan who is Sensitive to Spices

Indian foods fan
Though we might think Indian cuisine was a thing in British food culture since the middle of the twentieth century, actually the affiliation of Indian cuisine in British gastronomical culture is two centuries old. However, it is also true that the popularity of Indian cuisine food grew during the twentieth century. Otherwise, the first Indian cuisine restaurant, which was opened near Hyde Park, an area where the majority of residents spent time in India, declared bankrupt and closed down. The advance thinking Bengali-Indian immigrant, who founded the restaurant fell victim of the fact that all the aristocrats and well-off residents, who could have been the main clientele of the restaurant, had their own chefs to cook their favorite cuisine and they were not really keen to dine in restaurants (well that was not a part of their lifestyle then). However, that man was indeed a visionary. For, decades later, Indian cuisine became really famous and cookbooks were written on preparing Indian food and restaurant businesses emerged. And it is still going strong.Butter Chicken: That One Indian Dish I Can’t Get Enough!

I’ll just be honest with you, I love Indian food. I do. The color, aroma, and taste are incredible. But I am honestly not a spice person. That is why I often avoid Spanish and Mexican food. Strong spices don’t speak to me really well.

At the same time, I enjoy creamy and buttery dishes with a hint of spices and herbs. That is why Butter Chicken is one of my most favorite Indian cuisine dishes. It is creamy with a hint of spices and tastes amazing when it’s in the mouth.

I love the way it is cooked as well. They marinate the chicken meat with creamy butter sauce and other spices. Then the marinated chicken is cooked. And the thick gravy it finally becomes is too much for me. I can never explain Butter Chicken without feeling a strong urge to take a bite.

In India, Butter Chicken is called Murgh Makhani, (Makhan means Butter and Murgh mean chicken). They also make Lamb and Beef variant of it in places. But the Butter Chicken is the greatest to me. I prefer eating Butter Chicken with a good helping of Garlic Nan or Vegetable Paratha.

Curry World: My Butter Chicken Heaven

I like Curry World because it is an awesome place to order Indian cuisine dishes from. Living in close vicinity with this incredible Indian cuisine takeaway of Burnt Ash Road, Lee Green SE12 has its perks. I often order a good helping of Butter Chicken with Garlic Nan and some Plain Papadam (for Spicy stuff aren’t my thing) from Curry World. And it doesn’t take much time as I live in Lewisham SE13.

If you’re into spicy Indian foods, you can still try Curry World. They offer a really wide range of Indian cuisine dishes. I am sure you will find something that you like. So, why don’t you check the menu of Curry World?

Along with Lewisham SE13, Curry World also serves in Blackheath SE3, Eltham SE9, Mottingham SE9, Chislehurst BR7, Grove Park SE12, Hither Green SE13, Blackheath SE3, Kidbrooke SE3, Charlton SE7, Catford SE6 and Greenwich SE10. So if you live in any of these areas and want to order a sumptuous Indian cuisine dinner, you are just a few clicks away. Because you can browse the menu and order online right from your smart device.

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