Chicken Tikka Massala: Best Cat Whisperer

Indian cuisine dishes are recognized all over the world. In my humble opinion, the cuisine is so popular all over the world because, there is something for everyone, regardless of their taste preference. The colours and aroma are also alluring. That is probably why there are more Indian cuisine takeaways in west than even in the Indian subcontinent. It is not unlikely. As, in that subcontinent, people generally prepare the dishes by themselves. But, we, the mere westerners, who are not good at cooking the Indian dishes as authentically and artfully as them, our only hope is Indian cuisine restaurants and/or takeaways around. These restaurants/takeaways have opened a portal to another universe of magical taste.

Our Furry Curry Dinner!

My roommate Peter’s kittens are rather good at keeping us on our toes. I would never believe cats can be so manipulative if I did not know Claudio and Nigella (I call her Lady Lancelot, she is the bolder one). Peter rescued them when he used to live in an isolated house in countryside all by himself.

However, Nigella and Claudio probably own an invisible cloak for kitties (or maybe Harry Potter gave it to them). Even in this two bedroom apartment, Lady Lancelot and Claudio hides in places we could never imagine. But we have legitimate reasons to worry about their disappearance. Our flat is on the top floor of a 12 storied building in Aldgate E1. Two tiny kittens can easily be in danger. Since Peter works from home, he can keep an eye on those. But probably these kittens belonged to Loki, the God of mischief. They are rather big tricksters.

So, they managed to “disappear” and Peter was upset. Well, he had a valid reason to be upset this time. He went to the hallway to check the mailbox. When he came back, he found the door ajar, though he thought he shut it when he left, but turns out he did not. Nigella and Claudio were nowhere to be seen. Peter looked up everywhere. Even on the rooftop terrace and corridors of very floor. But the kittens were nowhere to be seen.

When I came back from work, we have almost turned our whole apartment upside down. All the mattresses were taken out, our closets emptied, clothes, gadgets, books scattered everywhere as uf a disaster swept the apartment.

We were really tired and hungry and cooking was not going to happen. Also, the fridge was empty, Peter was supposed to go for grocery, but Nigella and Claudio made sure that he does not leave. Then I ordered some Chicken Tikka Massala and Garlic Nan bread from an Indian cuisine restaurant/takeaway in Tooley street. We were already worried and sad, we could at least use some delicious Indian food.

While the order was on the way, we tried our best to tidy up the apartment, secretly hoping to find the two kitties somewhere. Sadly, it did not happen.

But wait! When we unpacked the dinner and the smell of delicious Chicken Tikka Massala wafted everywhere in the apartment, we heard cluttering noises in kitchen aisle.

Peter ran over there and started shouting profanities. Turned out Nigella and Claudio were hiding inside a saucepan the whole time, They did not move. Apparently, us screaming their names and almost tearing down the apartment did not seem enough for them. Only the smell of freshly prepared Indian food would qualify.

Kitty Party is ON!

We are giving up on these kittens, who are now devouring CTM just as much as we are. The day is not far when we are going to be their pets. Anyway, finding Nigella and Claudio was a relief. We had a great dinner.

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