Chicken Kurma on Dinner table In the Good Old Summertime

I love Indian cuisine dishes all the time. Even summer heat cannot beat my enthusiasm. And I am glad there are Indian cuisine dishes that are good to devour during summer.When Chicken Soothes My Tummy

I know, you are already laughing at the title and I honestly don’t blame you for doing that. I know you cannot find any plausible reason for Chicken soothing the tummy. Or maybe you do. Please let me know if you do. I actually meant to say that, there is some Indian cuisine chicken main dishes that are really gentle on our tummy during summer as opposed to the spicy and hot ones we regularly consume. One of such dishes is Chicken Kurma. I like Kurma dishes in general but Chicken Kurma is one of my most favorite Indian cuisine dishes. It is calm and it tastes sweet and creamy. Just the way I like my Indian dishes to be. I love every morsel of this dish. And that is why I often order this from that Indian cuisine Takeaway near me located in Hoddesdon Herts EN11. I am glad that it serves at my place in Newlands EN11. Because I often have great weeknights enjoying the yummy Chicken Kurma they serve. Devouring this delicious gravy dishes with Mushroom Rice is almost like cloud 9 experience for me.

The Day I Attempted Cooking Kurma!

So, the other day, my brother was saying he wants to shoot a funny sketch and food will be involved. I don’t know much about his plan but knowing him I can safely say, that will involve people throwing foods at each other, like he used to do as the child whenever he got a chance! So, he asked his friends and family to make something. He asked me to make something from Indian cuisine, because he knows how much I love Indian food and I decided that to be Chicken Kurma. Actually, now that I remember, he said I don’t need to go through all that trouble and order that from an Indian Cuisine Takeaway. But I decided against it. I’ll be less sad seeing a garbage impersonation of Chicken Kurma being wasted than the perfectly prepared one. So, I shopped for some of the ingredients I needed like bay leaf, star anise, cumin, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon sticks, hot spices powder and mint leaves. Also, I had to buy a pack of grated coconut, cashew nuts and a tub of thick yogurt.

At first, I powdered the cashew nuts and blended the grated coconut with that with some water. Chopped some onions and a very ripe big red tomato. I mashed the chopped tomato and left it in a little bowl. And of course, I did wash the chicken thoroughly and left it to drain.

And then the “real cooking” began. I fried the dry Indian spices I bought in oil. Then fried onion, chilli, and ginger-garlic paste with it.

Then I added chicken and turmeric powder to it and some more salt.  I fried the chicken with the pan covered (I am really glad that it did not burn). Then I added the mashed tomatoes and fried till the mashed tomato turned soft. Then I added Chilli Powder and hot spices powder and stirred and fried for a while. Then I added some mint leaves and the coconut pasted and later I stirred in the yogurt and fried the preparation. I did have to add a little water. I cooked the whole thing in cover until the chicken was soft.

And Ta-da! My Chicken Kurma was done. My brother did order some Mushroom Rice for me and spared some Chicken Kurma for my dinner. I still don’t know what he did but he texted that it tasted better than he thought it would.

But of course, it would not taste better than what I order from Tandoori Nights. Tandoori Nights are the Indian cuisine takeaway I mentioned earlier and they make amazing Indian cuisine dishes along with Chicken Kurma. I will just ask you to go through the menu of Tandoori Nights. You will know what I mean. And also, Tandoori Nights have the highest rating in food hygiene scale of 5. So, you can trust their cooking.

Just for your convenience, I would want to note that Tandoori Nights serves in Barclay Park EN11, Yewlands EN11, Spitalbrook EN10, Dobbs Weir EN11, Rye Park EN11, Woollensbrook EN11. So, if you are feeling like eating Indian cuisine dishes tonight, you know where to order.

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