British Diversity: Cuisines as Bridges Between Cultures

In UK, we have mastered the art of assimilating great attributes from other cultures while maintaining our own cultural identity. This practice have given us an immense advantage. As a nation welcoming the bits and pieces of the nice things from other cultures have made us more adaptive to the change of socio political shifts around the world. Well, these all seem like “Big Talks”, but if you look closely to the general British life from cultural diversity perspective, you will be surprised. We have adapted so many foreign things in our culture. And yet, we successfully managed to stay true to our roots. If we go somewhere outside our borders, we are still identified as British people, we are still linked to a good cup of tea, Sherlock Holmes and Buckingham Palace.

The interesting part is, being inclusive of other cultures is not a new thing for us. For centuries we have adopted foreign cultures that are more efficient and positive. However, let’s get more specific to illustrate my point. Let’s take our gastronomical practice for example. Our food habits are the most prominent evidence of our inclusive cosmopolitan culture. And it sustained because we have managed to stay true to our roots and preferences of our palates. That is why we have embraced the Indian Sub-continental cuisines very closely. Because, despite the apparent differences between our dishes and Indian cuisines, both are stew based.

Well, still many differences between our cuisines and Indian cuisines are evident and the differences make us stronger and more inclusive. However, this currently popular Indian cuisines were not always similarly popular as they are now. The popularity rose over time since the middle of last century. Though Indian cuisines were familiar to the British people due to historical reasons, but it took time to understand and embrace the distinct attributes of Indian cuisines. And when we began to take in the taste of turmeric paste and coriander powder and meat cooked in clay ovens and dipped in yogurt. Let the taste of buttery parathas wrap over the piece of meat dipped in gravy – Indian cuisines became a part of our British culture, part of all our kitchens, not just those spicy dinned cooked in Indian Sub-continental neighborhood.

However, Indian cuisine is a well-practiced form of art and it takes a great expertise to prepare those dishes with the similar authenticity in this foreign land. That is why, to save the sweats off the brows of curry fans, Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways have become a national phenomenon all over UK.

In last few decades, the number of Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways increased rapidly. Because many people wanted to cash on the popularity of Indian cuisines. However, such rise of restaurants and takeaways also raised the question of health and safety. For many restaurants and takeaways that serve Indian cuisine actually do not prepare the dishes with safe and proper ingredients. Usage of unhealthy supplements and taste enhancers, in a nutshell, shortcuts to make Indian dishes is a scary reality. And this is a red flag for both curry lovers and restaurants and takeaways that work really hard to maintain the authenticity of Indian dishes and invest sincerely.

That is why, it is necessary to be careful about where you’re ordering your favorite Indian dish from. And at the same time, it is important to understand that giving up Indian cuisines would not help you. It will only bring about misery on those who sincerely serve hygienic dishes and the dishonest ones serving the unhealthy food will move on and take a shot in another popular thing and make that sector miserable for general consumption.

Yes, that was quite a rant, but that is the honest reality. But all of it can be avoided by being a little careful. If we order our Indian meal dishes from Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaways that cook the meals in the traditional ways (which are really safe), with care and maintaining a standard of authenticity, we can have the most tasteful Indian cuisine dishes that are safe and hygienic as well.

In Hoddeston, we have our share of Indian restaurants and takeaways as well. And as an Indian food lover (and hygiene conscious person), I choose to order my Indian dishes from some takeaways and restaurants that I trust. And I would love to share my favorite Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways with you.

Indian Takeaways in Hoddeston: My Picks

If you are around Turners Hill, I would recommend you to check Massala Gate. Located at Clarendon Parade, Massala Gate is a good Indian cuisine takeaway to order from. The food is fresh and comes in good portions, and made from fine ingredients. Also, I’ll especially recommend their Balti dishes. They offer quite a range of Balti dishes.

If you want to dine in, then I have the perfect Indian cuisine restaurant (and also takeaway service) for you. Try Royal India of East Angalia. They serve quality Indian dishes, and the service is incredible. Also, they have a 5 out of 5 hygiene rating. You can trust their kitchen and the dishes they serve.

My Ultimate Favorite: Tandoori Nights

I am guilty as charged. I love Tandoori and I love food made in a clean kitchen, using good ingredients and by an expert. And if all of these are available in a few minutes walking distance, I will definitely mention that takeaway especially. The dishes of Tandoori Nights are prepared by a four times award winning chef, who is really passionate about making tasteful, safe and incredible Indian cuisine dishes. This 16 years old restaurant is a great place to order from. They have a five out of five hygiene rating as well. If you are around, order a meal and taste it for yourself. However, I would recommend the tandoori dishes (because I am a big fan too), but you can check the other dishes as well. You will love it.

These are so far my most frequented Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in Hoddeston. Which are yours? And do you think my concerns for the hygiene is as acute as I think? I would like to know your opinion as well.

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