Blissful Weekend: Arts, Artifacts and Curry Food


Since I moved to Hoddesdon with my friend, we were buried under work and did not have a moment to take a beat and explore the neighborhood. However, we were determined to make some time to take a stroll around locality last weekend and take a trip to the famous Lowewood Museum in the afternoon. We were tired and wilted after the trip. So we ordered a curry delivery home, I’m glad we did that!

I don’t like to move much. But work commitment often make people do things they don’t want to do. At least my best friend works with me and we are moving together! Also our new residence in Yewlands is very comfortable and welcoming. Since we had no time to settle down properly and relax due to the massive workload right when we moved, we hardly knew the neighborhood. That is why my friend suggested that we should relax and explore our neighborhood now as we are not under the tremendous pressure as we were before. Last weekend we said goodbye to our alarm clocks and slept until noon. Then after a hasty brunch, we got dressed and went out for a walk. My friend wanted to visit the Lowewood museum, and I thought that was a great idea. So we spent the whole afternoon in the museum, exploring the interesting artifacts of archaeological, historical and geological importance. Lowewood was a treat for my friend, an avid art lover, since she found an immaculate collection of James Ward paintings in display. We did not realize how hungry and tired we were until we left Lowewood. Cooking dinner would be a challenge tonight and we have eaten all the leftovers in lunch. So I decided to order a takeaway on our way home. I have been craving for some curry meal for a while. Our Indian neighbors knew about our affinity for curries and suggested that we should try Tandoori Nights, an Indian Cuisines takeaway in High Street Hoddesdon.

Tandoori Nights: Fast & Auspicious

We were too exhausted to go to high street and pick a takeaway. So we just walked home instead and ordered a delivery. However, we did not have very high expectations despite the assurance of our neighbors, because we had some bad experiences with curry deliveries. We ordered two halves of Tandoori Chicken, a Paneer Masala and two Cheese Naan and two Garlic Naan breads. I was curious to know what Chicken Faruki was, so we decided to order that as well.

What we did not expect was to have a ring in our doorbell so fast. The delivery was really quick. And the packaging too. The meal was piping hot when we unpacked.

Faith in Curry Restaurants Restored!

The Naans were so soft and warm that we had to be very careful in tearing it. My friend made me try the Paneer Masala first, since I was never into it much. But as I tasted this dish, I felt sorry for being such a fool all these years! It was delicious! The Tandoori Chicken was incredible as well. It left a lingering taste of skilful cooking in our mouth.

And we finally found out what Chicken Faruki was. Those were little pancakes stuffed with spiced chicken. We should have ordered more of those! Such creation of delicacy!

That weekend is so far the highlight of our last few weeks in Hoddesdon. We relaxed, enjoyed the finery of art and history and later had a great experience of culinary excellence of Indian Cuisine! Tandoori Nights is our new curry knight in shining armor, they are our biggest attraction in this neighborhood along with Lowewood.

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