Biryani in Bristol- A Foodie’s Words

Biryani in Bristol A Foodie’s Words
Bristol is famous for having historical connection with Indian culture for a long time. And that is why Indian cuisine is quite popular in the neighborhoods of Bristol. Surely, that has a lot to do with the growing Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways in Bristol now. But that does not mean all the restaurants are maintaining good quality and authenticity standards.In the end, this is troubling the takeaway and restaurant owners who are doing honest business, providing quality Indian cuisine dishes and preserving a standard of hygiene. However, the hopeful part is, these restaurants and takeaways have developed a base of loyal clientele who have faith in their honest practices and determination to offer authentic Indian cuisine dishes. Because we, the people of Bristol, know the difference between quality Indian cuisine dishes and unhealthy one.

Biryani: A Dish that Drives me To Indian Takeaway and Restaurants

I am a huge Biryani fan. I can’t get enough of this Indian cuisine dish. The delicate, rice with beautiful aroma and adorned with the tasteful cubes of meat (or lack thereof). Yes, my most favorite Biryani dish does not contain meat (and in case you are wondering, no fish or crustacean either).

My most favorite Biryani dish is Mushroom Biryani. You might wonder if that’s a real deal or not. In that case, please take my word. It is a real thing. But I can understand your confusion. It is also not offered by many restaurant and takeaways around.

Well, Mushroom Biryani takes less time to be done. The rice is washed and prepared as usual. The mushrooms are fried with the tasteful spices and then the Biryani is made the way it was supposed to, by adding rice, pouring water and sprinkling salt. It tastes incredible. Especially when made using the right herbs and freshly grounded spices. If you cannot make it on your own at first go, I suggest you to order or dine in a good Indian restaurant that offers good Mushroom Biryani.

Best Spice Indian Takeaway: My Biryani Warehouse

Well, I must confess, my cooking skill is inversely proportional to my appetite. I love to eat. I really do. I have a delicate taste, but I would also eat mud pie if I am hungry, I can shut that part of my brain off when I need to in case of avoiding the activity named cooking. I mostly survive at the grace of my refrigerator, microwave and my mom’s phone calls, reminding me to cook enough for the week during weekends. So, it doesn’t take rocket science to explain, why I know so much about the different takeaway services and restaurants around me in Temple Meads BS1. I love many cuisines, but Indian cuisine dishes are especially incredible.

As I have said before, I love Biryani, so it did not take much time for me to locate an Indian takeaway close by to order really sumptuous Mushroom Biryani from. It is called Best Spice Indian Takeaway. Located in Knowle, Bristol BS4, they offer a great range of Indian cuisine dishes. And the best part is, they serve Mushroom Biryani!

However, Mushroom Biryani isn’t the only dish Best Spice Indian Takeaway offers. They offer other incredible Indian cuisine dishes as well. So if you are in Bristol and want to enjoy some good Indian cuisine meals tonight just go to their website, browse the menu of Best Spice Indian Takeaway and order some yummy Indian cuisine dishes. Other than Temple Meads BS1, Best Spice Indian Takeaway serves in Bedminster BS3, Lawrence Hill BS5 and Totterdown BS4.

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