Biryani Buzz: How I Handled My Indian Takeaway Withdrawal

Biryani Buzz

I am a huge fan of Indian food, I wish I could be subtle about it! Well, sometimes I fanboy over Indian food so ardently, that people around me cannot help but wonder if I should have chosen a career in marketing Indian food instead of marketing games. I would be lying if I said I never thought about it. But I decided to stick to my career choice. The Indian restaurants and takeaways in the UK are already doing so well that we keep on rushing towards them. People are picking up takeouts on their way home, or ordering a takeaway delivery online from the cozy living room couch. I do the same often. Their products (the dishes they offer) and services speak for themselves. They don’t need a fanboy like me to promote their work.


Of Biryani and Tough Weekdays

Biryani, especially Lamb Biryani is my most favourite Indian cuisine dishes. I love every single aspect of this wonderful blessing of culinary Gods. The juicy pieces of meat and rice that emanates the aroma of culinary heaven have always been the best antidepressant for me in my grown up life!

There is an incredible Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway in Hitchin Road, Stopsley named Jay Raj. Jay Raj serves in my neighborhood of Slip End LU1. They also serve in Caddington LU1, Aley Green LU1, Pepperstock LU1, Lilley LU2, Cockernhoe LU2, Wigmore LU2, Mangrove Green LU2, Chiltern Green LU2, Tea Green LU2, High Town LU2, East Hyde LU2, Sundon LU3 and Streatley LU3.

The Lamb Biryani of Jay Raj is so far the best I’ve ever tasted (and believe me, I have tasted this dish from MANY curry houses, this is the first thing I dive in). The serving portion of Jay Raj is economic for the price.

However, there are other dishes served by Jay Raj that I love. If you are not a fan of Biryani dishes, I suggest you to try the Chicken Tikka, Lamb Shashlick, or the Paneer Balti.

Lamb Biryani is my solace when I get back home after a long day of work. Generally, I collect my order of Lamb Biryani (with some King Prawn Butterfly if the day is VERY LONG or I’m extra hungry). I wish I could take Jay Raj everywhere I go!

Late Night Adventure: Mission Lamb Biryani!

I spent the holiday with my parents, relaxing in their countryside house. They moved to this quiet country home recently, and now pursuing their lifelong dream of owning a honey farm. I had a great time relaxing and enjoying the quiet life. But I am a city rat after all. I started missing the amenities of takeaway food on the day after Boxing day. By the midnight the longing for some quality Lamb Biryani became almost unbearable!

So, I decided to take the matter in my own hands and cook some Lamb Biryani from scratch. My parents often prepare Indian food, they must have necessary ingredients stocked. I was not wrong. I printed out the recipe from my most favourite recipe website, and did everything necessary step by step. I preheated the oven, prepared the meat with onion, garlic and ginger. And baked the lamb with tomatoes, yoghurt and chicken stock. I cooked the rice, even made the Biryani yoghurt!

When I was done, I heard my dad’s footsteps. He tasted a spoonful and went back to sleep. He said I did well for someone cooking this for the first time. I was flattered, I won’t lie. I felt accomplished. I know my cooking cannot be even compared to the cooking of Jay Raj, but I am happy to fix some for myself.

Well, I cannot afford to invite anyone to taste my cooking. But if you are looking for a place for the best Lamb Biryani in Luton, I will suggest you to try Jay Raj.

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