Best Spice Writes Happy Endings to My Week


What I did NOT expect was a discount of 15%. Well, actually I forgot that they offer a discount of 15% for collection orders over £15. How better could it get! That night was a blast for me. I sprawled over the living room sofa, surrounded by the incredibly tasty and aromatic curry meals eyes fixed on old episodes of Doctor Who. Boy it was blissful! And the food!
My exhausting week was no more unpleasant. The food alleviated most of the pain and stress. The moment I took a bite of Chicken Pakora, I knew everything is going to be alright.
So, my long painful week ended in a happy note. As long as Best Spice is here, every weekend can be my Christmas. And Best Spice will be my secret Santa. The BEST part about it, I will always be in the nice list!

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