Authentic Sub-continental Fish Dishes in Brick Lane

Brick Lane, E1, and areas nearby is renowned for the traditional Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine restaurants, takeaways and dessert shops. The aroma of curry and other Indian Sub-continental cuisines cooked in those restaurants and takeaways attract a lot of people passing by. And that is why often these restaurants are filled with people. But you must know, not all Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways serve all the dishes you were thinking of ordering in the way you were expecting (Or let’s just say the best way possible). That does not mean most of the restaurants and takeaways that serve Indian food aren’t worth trying. The truth is, you need to find out which restaurant excels is serving which dishes specifically. And if that is what you want or not. For example, Bengal Village of Brick Lane serves really good Traditional Dishes and Fish Dishes.

When Your Stomach Demands Something FISH-y

Well, I know where I’ll go when I want a good old traditional fish curry. It is Brick Lane, E1’s Bengal Village. Well, also it helps that I live in Shoreditch, and this incredible Indian Sub-continental food restaurant and takeaway are quite near me. Actually, Bengal Village serves in Shoreditch, Spitalfields and City of London. They also serve in Bangla Town and East London.

However, I have dined in Bengal village a few times with my friend who is of Bangladeshi origin. And he introduced me to the Bangladeshi style fish dishes. It might taste very different at first, but once you get used to it and begin to enjoy it, there is no going back! I am a big fan of the Bengal Village Fish Dishes. Especially I am all in for Fish Kofta Masala. I will highly recommend the fish lovers to try this dish. Tastes best with Pilau Rice.

Traditional Ambrosia of Bengal Village

And if you are not into fishes, there is nothing to be sad about. Bengal Village is also famous for all the tasteful Traditional Dishes of Indian cuisine. Order one of their traditional dishes once and you will become a regular there even before you knew it. And if you ask my recommendation, I will suggest Butter Chicken, Tikka Massala, and Passanda. And you can taste all these dishes with Pilau Rice, Naan Breads or Mushroom Rice. However, I prefer to eat Butter Chicken with Naan bread and the other two with Mushroom Rice. But you must know, all of these tastes really incredible.

So, if you are around any of those mentioned areas near Brick Lane, E1, I recommend you to check Bengal Village at least once. And if you, alike me, frequent there, tell me what dish entices you the most.

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