An Artful Weekend: Satisfied Soul and Pleased Stomach

Bengal Village Indian Restaurant London

Last month, I had a chance to experience the excellence of contemporary street art practice in British culture, thanks to my friend living in Shoreditch, who is a graffiti artist as well. We strolled along the streets of Shoreditch so long that we did not even realize how hungry we were until we decided to take a break. My friend took me to a great Indian and South Asian restaurant named Bengal Village. That day, I started seeing curries in a different light!

Finally I merited my curiosity and decided to explore the street art scenario of London. Well, I should have done this earlier because I have a friend who is a street artist himself and lives in Shoreditch. He has been telling me for a while to go there and take a look around. When I finally managed the time, he sounded elated over phone and told me to get over there already. The following day, I took my car and drove my way to the universe where my friend and his contemporaries live. Well, I left my car at his place and decided to stroll around. It really felt like another universe. We might live in the same physical world, but these incredible street artists seem to belong to another alternate reality. Or maybe it’s their immaculate artworks that causes such transcendence.

To Brick Lane: The Home of South Asian Cuisines

At one point we heard a grumbling noise, doubtlessly from our yarning stomachs. We have been so enthralled that we completely ignored the plea of our stomach to be fed. We hailed a taxi and my friend said he is going to show me another form of artistry today.

My friend had plans to cook for me today, since he could not, we decided to order a curry takeaway. We went to Brick Lane- the home-ground of curry restaurant and takeaways. Name of the restaurant was Bengal Village. It was a tastefully decorated restaurant radiating an aura of comfort and friendliness. We both are curry lovers, but my friend has better experience and expertise. So I asked him to order for us. He ordered Peshwari Naan bread and Butter Chicken curry for me and Chicken Biryani for him. He knew how much I loved salmon, so he ordered a Salmon Tikka starter as well. And a drink called Mango Lassi.

They processed our order quite fast for a busy restaurant on Sunday. It was neatly packed and ready for hitting the road.

Bengal Village Transcending Experience of Culinary Artistry

 When we got back to my friend’s home, we were very too hungry to wait anymore. We unpacked the lunch in as fast as we could. The meal was still very warm for such long taxi trip. And the aroma was more than just enticing. My stomach gave away a grumble of joy.

The Salmon Tikka was incredible. I love Salmon anyway, but this was more than just “tasty”, the tikka was evenly cooked and flavors erupted in my mouth. Then I pillaged the Butter Chicken. It came in a rather good portion. And when I took the first bite, I was transferred to another realm. Just like those street graffiti, this curry was another form of art that gives you the experience of another realm. My friend was quietly observing my reactions I could tell from the corner of my eyes. But hey, he was no different. The Chicken Biryani had him enthralled as well. The Mango Lassi drink was really interesting. I have never tasted it before, but I wish I did. It was incredibly tasty and soothing.

The tour to Shoreditch was incredible. Not just I have experienced the exquisite and enthralling street arts, this tour have induced new meaning to curry dishes. I am going to drop by at Bengal Village for their artful curries and the Mango Lassi!

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