A Very Curry Christmas Shopping!

Indian food became a part of the gastronomical culture of the UK. Not only Chicken Tikka Masala became a British national dish, but also a regular favourite. Even many people cook the Christmas Eve leftovers with curry powder and other Indian spices on the Boxing day and have quite a cosmopolitan dinner. I often do the same. For I love Indian cuisine dishes a lot!

A Hectic Shopping Weekend!

I prefer not making any trips to stores or supermarket during the first two weeks of December. I am not saying I don’t camp up for Black Friday stuff, but I am not very excited about doing my Christmas Shopping in a crowded, boisterous store. That is why I do my Christmas shopping in November.

Christmas shopping is not exactly a huge deal for me anyway. It was more like normal shopping. I have a little plastic tree, so it is easy for me to decorate. Just the tree and a few tinsel lights are enough for my little flat. However, my decorations are not functional. My dog, whom I rescued and adopted this summer, plays with (and chews on) those.

Anyway, Christmas shopping on a November weekend is not exactly a walk in the park either. It took me a while to buy some decorations for the tree. Then getting the gifts were another challenge. I gave up after picking up a few books for my nephews and nieces from a local bookstore. I will just buy the rest online, I decided. The drive home was equally exhausting. I did not feel like doing anything when I got back. I was so tired that I did not even bother removing my shoes and slept on the couch.

I woke up around 6:00 pm and my stomach made trumpet noises. There is now way I am going to spend time in kitchen island tonight. Sunday is for me, doggo and food.

That is why, I am going to order an Indian cuisine takeaway in Braintree CM7 always has something to offer. I don’t know what I would do without Merchant Spice.

Getting Curried Away!

Curry dishes are my most favourite. A good serving of Tandoori Chicken Curry can cheer me up during utmost gloom. My takeaway order of Tandoori Chicken Curry, Stuffed Paratha and Spicy Papadum with Mint Sauce arrived right in time.

Merchant Spice is one of the most efficient Indian cuisine restaurant and takeaway for a reason. Not only the service is incredible, but also their cooking is fantastic. The menu of Merchant Spice is pretty cool. They offer some special dishes too. Merchant spice serves in Cornish Hall End CM7, Finchingfield CM7, Great Bardfield CM7, Wethersfield CM7, Shalford CM7, Great Saling CM7, Felsted CM6, Cock Green CM6, Stisted CM77, Pattiswick CM77, Bradwell CM77, Cressing CM77, Black Notley CM77, Great Notley CM77, Rayne CM77, and Bartholomew Green CM77.

If you are a curry enthusiast or like Indian food in general, I sincerely suggest you to order from Merchant Spice for once. You can thank me later.

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