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Sometimes I wonder, would things be different if I was not born in the current cosmopolitan culture of UK, would I be able to mingle with diverse cultural aspects as easily as I can right now? Especially the various different cuisines from different cultures, as I love delightful foods of a different kind. The thought of the absence of such cosmopolitan practice in our culture baffles me, and I feel really lucky that this is not the case. Our inclusive cuisine culture of UK has embraced the culinary arts of different cultures. But among all of the cuisines we get to taste, the Indian Sub-Continental Cuisine is most popular. Surely some of the influence do sprout from the fact that Indian Sub-Continent was once a part of the British Empire and therefore some such evident cultural exchange like this was obvious. But I believe that is not the key reason for the popularity of Indian Cuisines in our culture because there were more different regions with different cultures included as a part of British Empire. And all of them have rich culinary cultures so far, but Indian Cuisine is most popular among us. I have been wondering what might be the reason behind it, for I am very much into curry dishes as well. I must confess, I took the help of Google. I really looked up for reasons behind the popularity of Indian dishes in the food culture of United Kingdom. Obviously, the responses regarding British Rule was the most popular answer, but I also found another explanation I did not think about before. Alike most of the Indian Sub-Continental dishes, the cuisines of UK are mostly stew based. Hence, in a way the tasteful Indian dishes are a distant relative of our traditional dishes, a very nice-smelling and spiced up the relative. And the explanation sounded quite plausible to me, I am not sure if that is right or wrong, but that surely is interesting.

I am a curry loving person from Lee Green, I have been living here all my life and my workplace is in Kent. So, I did not have to move there. However, my curry radar hasn’t disappointed me. I have found some really great Indian Cuisine takeaways and restaurants in Lee and Kent. I will love to share the information with you.

Indian Food in South East London: Places To Sate Your Curry Cravings

Well, I often pick curry takeaway on my home from work during weekends. That is why I have a rather good idea regarding curry joints around and got a few restaurants I prefer. The preference is based on personal choices mostly, but I am pretty sure you will hardly disagree with me because all of these Indian Cuisine takeaway services and restaurants serve really tasteful traditional Indian Cuisine dishes.

If you are like me, who loves to try the “house special” dishes of the restaurant and takeaway services, you will love this one. Lazeez Takeaway is well known for their Lazeez Specials. Have you ever tasted chicken cooked with delicious spice and a very special lemon? You can taste it in Lazeez. It is called Satkora, they also serve another dish named Chicken Makhani, where they cook boneless chicken tastefully with coconut. If you’re not into chicken, you can order the King Prawn version of Satkora called Tandoori King Prawn Satkora. There are more dishes as well, why don’t you order one and find out yourself?

If you are into vegetable dishes, you will surely love the tasteful dishes Bengal Lancer of Chislehurst, a collection only takeaway service that offers the best Indian vegetarian dishes so far. You may know a good portion of Indian Cuisine dishes are vegetarian, and hardly most of the Indian Restaurants and Takeaways in the UK do not focus on that. But this one does, you will love the really wide range of vegetable dishes they offer. Like Behind Bhujia, a dish of fried Ladies Finger cooked with onion, chilli and spices, or the tasteful Broccoli Masala, a dish of Broccoli cooked in special sauces or a creamy helping of Paneer Lababdar, a dish of fresh cottage cheese, cooked with vegetables will tickle your taste bud and might make you forget the existence of meat for a while.

However, if you want to dine in, let me tell you about a restaurant in Kent. This Indian Cuisine restaurant and takeaway service provide the most efficient restaurant service so far. Every time I visited this restaurant, the experience was more enhanced. It is called Maharani Indian Restaurant. Based in Sidcup, Maharani is famous for its impeccable service and the dishes. I strongly recommend curry lovers to dine in and experience their excellent service in first hand.

The Curry Heaven Next Door

Well, I do consider myself lucky for multiple reasons. I have a great Indian Takeaway very close to the place I live in. Right on Burnt Ash Road of Lee Green, Curry World is a very good Indian Cuisine Takeaway service. I often order takeaways online from Curry World. Well, I don’t think I cannot paint the picture as prominent as it should have been. I am a weekly regular at Curry World. Some of their dishes have bewitched my taste buds. For example the Kima Ghost Biryani and Paneer Tikka. I can never get enough. The minced lamb of Kima Ghost Biryani tastes very good when it melts in the mouth. And the creamy Paneer Tikka never fails to amuse me. If you live around Lee Green and love curry, you should try this takeaway. They are really good at their craft.

There you go. There were my suggestions regarding the Indian Cuisine restaurant and takeaways in Lee Green and Kent. If you have other suggestions, you are most welcome to let me know that.


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